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Best Beaches in Nuevo Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 14/03/2022
Optimizada nuevo vallarta beach

Long stretches of sandy shoreline are the main attractions in Riviera Nayarit, and for travelers seeking the best beach vacations in the world, Nuevo Vallarta is the choice destination. With plenty of room to spread out on the best beaches in Nuevo Vallarta, friends can kick a soccer ball around, kids can build elaborate sandcastles, and parents can relax with a good book. Of course, Nuevo Vallarta beach swimming and paddleboarding are always good options too for Mexico beach vacations. Not only does this town have pristine tropical beaches, but there’s also a variety of luxurious all-inclusive resorts with direct access to some of the best beaches in Mexico.

Playa Varadero

Friends enjoy a day at the beach playing soccer

Playa Varadero is perhaps the widest Nuevo Vallarta beach, and with a few soccer goals set up, there’s plenty of room to play games or simply take a long walk. This beach is mainly lined with private condos, and it’s right next to the Nuevo Vallarta marina. Here, you’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants, and at night, the boardwalk is lit up, creating a relaxing and romantic spot. To have one of the best beach vacations in the world, spend the day lounging on the sand at Playa Varadero before sitting down to a feast of fresh seafood marinated in bold Mexican spices.

Nuevo Vallarta Beach

Couple enjoy a day at the beach in Nuevo Vallarta

The main beach in Nuevo Vallarta is considered one of the best beaches in Mexico. In fact, it’s been named a Blue Flag Beach. The Blue Flag certification from the Foundation for Environmental Education is only earned when a community meets a strict set of criteria that covers everything from preservation to accessibility. There are a few public access points for the Nuevo Vallarta Beach, but at the main one, you’ll find showers, parking, bathroom facilities, and even amphibious chairs that allow people with disabilities to enjoy Nuevo Vallarta beach swimming. There’s also a public pool and several beach restaurants where you can bury your toes in the sand while sipping a margarita and enjoying one of the best beaches in Nuevo Vallarta.

Flamingos Beach

Flamingos Beach at the Villa del Palmar Flamingos resort

Many of the best beach vacations in the world are at Flamingos Beach. At the northern tip of Nuevo Vallarta, Flamingos Beach is a tranquil and spacious area with a few all-inclusive resorts that are known for their gourmet dining and elegant facilities. Being farther from public entrances makes this one of the best beaches in Nuevo Vallarta for those wanting a quiet day on the beach. With fewer people on the beach, you’ll have more space to relax, and it’s easy to keep an eye on your stuff while enjoying some Nuevo Vallarta beach swimming time.

Marieta Islands Hidden Beach

The Marieta Islands Hidden Beach is a rare attraction that’s become an iconic landmark. Over centuries, a cave on the island was hollowed out by the wind and waves, but when the military conducted practice strikes on the island, the roof of the cave was blown off, revealing turquoise waters and a hidden beach underneath. After swimming through a small opening in the rocks, you’ll find yourself on this hidden beach, but because so many travelers want to come here on their Mexico beach vacations, the government has limited the daily capacity. If you want to walk across the hidden sands on the Marieta Islands, be sure to book your tour early.

From Playa Varadero to the Marieta Islands Hidden Beach, Nuevo Vallarta has some of the best beaches in Mexico. With luxury resorts and all-inclusive vacation packages, it’s truly the destination for unforgettable Mexico beach vacations.

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