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Everything you Need to Know about Nuevo Vallarta (FAQs)

DESTINATION | Published on 25/05/2023
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When it comes to exploring Mexico's west coast, Riviera Nayarit is a stunning destination that stretches along miles of golden coastline. And if you're planning a trip to this region, Nuevo Vallarta is the place to be! It offers tropical beaches, luxurious amenities, and countless things to do that will capture your imagination.

However, there is a lot to know about Nayarit Mexico and you may want some of your questions answered before finalizing your travel plans. Before you pack your bags for paradise, find out more about Nuevo Vallarta, the Bay of Banderas, and what makes the destination so special.

Where is Nuevo Vallarta?

If you’re just beginning to outline your vacation plans, you may be wondering where is Nuevo Vallarta and why haven’t heard of it before. Nuevo Vallarta's rising popularity as a travel destination is no surprise.

While it may not have always been in the spotlight like its neighbor Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta has emerged as a hidden gem that offers a perfect blend of relaxation, luxury, and natural beauty. Its pristine beaches, upscale resorts, and proximity to countless attractions make it an ideal choice for those seeking a tranquil and indulgent getaway.

While the charm of Puerto Vallarta is undeniable, it's bustling streets and crowded beaches have left many preferring the calm ambiance that Nayarit Mexico offers.

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Is Nuevo Vallarta Better than Puerto Vallarta?

Choosing between Nuevo Vallarta and Puerto Vallarta ultimately depends on your preferences and what you're looking for in a vacation. Nuevo Vallarta offers wide open spaces, luxurious resorts, and pristine beaches, making it a fantastic choice for those seeking a tranquil, yet upscale experience.

On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta has a charming downtown area, rich history, and vibrant nightlife, making it a favorite for those who enjoy a mix of cultural immersion and lively entertainment. In Puerto Vallarta, the beaches tend to be more crowded, but people-watching is incredible.

Both destinations have their unique charm and attractions, so it's worth considering your preferences and what you prioritize in a vacation to determine which one is better suited for you.

Regardless of your destination, you’ll have the best of the Bay of Banderas at your fingertips and lush landscapes as the backdrop for your vacation. It is also incredibly easy to travel between the two cities, making it possible to easily enjoy the best of both worlds.

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Why Vacation on the Bay of Banderas?

Bahia de Banderas, or the Bay of Banderas as it is called in English, holds a special allure that captivates visitors with its natural beauty and diverse offerings. This enchanting bay on Mexico's west coast is renowned for its stunning vistas, pristine beaches, and vibrant marine life.

The bay's expansive waters provide a playground for various activities for all those who vacation in Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit Mexico. From snorkeling and scuba diving to fishing and sailing, there is plenty to do and because it is home to magnificent humpback whales, dolphins, and sea turtles, the bay also offers incredible opportunities for wildlife encounters as well.

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Is It Safe to Travel to Nuevo Vallarta Right Now?

Yes, Nuevo Vallarta is safe right now and it always has been. Nuevo Vallarta, along with the entire Riviera Nayarit region, is considered a safe destination for travelers. The local community prioritizes the well-being and security of visitors, and the U.S. Department of State has not issued any travel restrictions for Riviera Nayarit, which includes Nuevo Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas.

Keeping that in mind, even though Nuevo Vallarta is safe, it is always important to exercise standard safety precautions and remain vigilant in the same way you would in any major tourist destination or city. Stay informed about the latest travel advisories and follow any guidelines provided by local authorities.

By being mindful and taking necessary precautions, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip to Nayarit Mexico.

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What is the Best Month to Visit Nuevo Vallarta?

The best month to visit Nuevo Vallarta depends on what you're looking for in your vacation. Generally, the months of November to April are considered the peak season, offering pleasant weather with warm temperatures and low humidity.

During this time, you can enjoy clear skies, perfect for outdoor activities and lounging on the beach. If you prefer a quieter atmosphere and more affordable prices, the shoulder seasons of May to June and September to October can be ideal.

However, keep in mind that these months are part of the rainy season, so occasional showers are to be expected. Overall, the best month to visit Nuevo Vallarta is subjective and depends on your preferences regarding weather, crowd levels, and budget.

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Can You Swim in the Ocean in Nuevo Vallarta?

One of the highlights of Nuevo Vallarta is its incredible beaches along Banderas Bay. They offer ample space for relaxation and a variety of activities. Whether you're playing frisbee, paddleboarding, surfing, or simply lounging with a refreshing margarita and a good book, you'll find plenty to enjoy.

Now, you might be wondering, "Can you swim in the ocean in Nuevo Vallarta?" The answer is a resounding yes! Nuevo Vallarta is safe for swimming and there are seemingly endless shores to play around on. The gentle waves and gradual slopes make it a safe spot for families to splash and swim.

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