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How to get to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta?

DESTINATION | Published on 04/10/2018
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Along the Mexican coastline near Nuevo Vallarta, several charming villages lay nestled between the lush mountains and the sparkling sea. Sayulita, Mexico is one of the popular surfing villages to the north of the city, where locals and visitors go for fresh seafood, picturesque streets, and a variety of artisan shops. Getting from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita is a quick and easy trip, so while some guests choose to stay the night in the village, it’s also easy to make it a day trip by taking the bus or taxi to Sayulita and returning to your Nuevo Vallarta resort at night. Whether you travel to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta by bus or catch a taxi, the beauty and magic of this surfing village is waiting for you.

What makes Sayulita Mexico so popular with locals and visitors is the warm colors that decorate the shops and streets. When you travel from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita, you’ll see the seabreeze gently swaying the bright banners that hang over the cobblestone roads and local art bursting out of shops onto the sidewalks. Because it’s such a small community, locals drive golf carts decked in colorful strands of Mexico cloth, keeping traffic calm and quiet. Sayulita has a laid back vibe and if you’re in the mood, you can sit on the beach and watch surfers catching waves.

The cheapest way to get to this little piece of paradise is to take the local bus from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita, which is about an hour’s drive. Along the main road, Highway 200, busses pass by frequently and will stop if you wave them down. Look for the green and white Compostela busses that say Sayulita on the front. Once you board the local bus from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita, the driver will tell you how much it costs, which is typically around 25 pesos. As the bus goes along the highway, it will stop for other passengers to get on and off. When it arrives in Sayulita, the bus will pull into a small parking lot at the edge of the village where everyone will get off. From there, you can stroll into town and take in the sights and energy of Sayulita.A quicker but more expensive way to get there is to taxi from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita. Outside the major Nuevo Vallarta resorts, several taxis are posted for guests’ convenience. To taxi to Sayulita will cost around 250 pesos and will get you there in about 30 minutes. While this is more expensive than going to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta by bus, taking a taxi from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita will save you time. Plus, if you’re traveling as a group of four, the price per person is very reasonable to taxi to Sayulita.

The latest mode of transportation around the Bay of Banderas is Uber. Through the Uber app, you’ll be able to hire a private, air-conditioned car for under 200 pesos to take you from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita. Uber also allows you to pay with your credit card, which is great when you don’t want to carry lots of cash with you. However, it may be harder to find an Uber in Sayulita, so be prepared to take a bus or taxi back to Nuevo Vallarta. Whether you take the local bus from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita or hop into a cab or Uber, you’ll find the welcoming charm of Sayulita, Mexico warm and irresistable. If you want to make the trip quicker or have a group with you, a taxi from Nuevo Vallarta to Sayulita is a great and easy option. When you take a day trip to Sayulita from Nuevo Vallarta by bus, taxi, or Uber, you’ll have an incredible adventure as you’re immersed in the local Mexican culture.

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