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Reasons to Visit Sayulita

DESTINATION | Published on 05/12/2018
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Along the coast of Mexico are countless little towns filled with tradition, charm, and warm Mexican hospitality. Just north of Nuevo Vallarta, the surfing village of Sayulita is nestled on sandy shores between verdant green mountains. If you visit Sayulita, you’ll find its laid-back style the perfect environment for a beach vacation. Whether you visit the town for a day or for a week, you’ll discover all the reasons to visit Sayulita and soak up its charm and energy.

Scenery: As you drive into Sayulita, the bright buildings and festive papel picado banners swaying in the air welcome you to town. As you wander down its picturesque cobblestones streets, you’ll find local art and cute signs surrounding you and waiting for you to snap a picture that will make all your friends at home jealous of your vacation. As you lounge on the crescent-shaped beach, you can take in a spectacular view of the ocean or turn back to checkout the houses on the verdant hillside. All this beauty and scenery is one of the reasons to visit Sayulita for many people.

Seafood: No Mexican coastal town would be complete without mouthwatering seafood straight from the ocean and grilled to perfection. One of the most important things to do in Sayulita is to order a meal of sizzling fish tacos topped in homemade salsas, which you can enjoy right on the beach or at the many different tacos stands throughout the city. As more people have chosen to visit Sayulita, there’s been a growth of vegetarian and vegan restaurants as well with traditional Mexican cuisine prepared with a healthy twist. One of the Sayulita tips for foodies is to sample a variety of the tacos and then finish with a stop at one of the ice cream shops for a cool scoop or a chocolate-dipped banana.

Surf: Thousands of people vacation in Sayulita for the most popular attraction in the city: surfing. One of the popular Sayulita attractions is to relax on the beach while watching the amazing skills of local surfers. Along the shore, several surf schools will rent you a board to use if you already know how to surf, but if you don’t, one of the best things to do in Sayulita is to take a class. The experienced instructors will help you catch a wave and have fun surfing. Other options of things to do in Sayulita at the beach include stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, and splashing in the surf.

Shopping: One of the main Sayulita attractions is the boutique shopping. Along the streets, shops filled with exquisite handmade crafts and homegoods beckon shoppers in to find beautiful treasures to take home to remember their vacation in Sayulita. One of the Sayulita tips for visitors looking to save money is to check out the local vendors on the beach who sell trendy beachwear and unique souvenirs at very affordable costs.

Safe: Many choose to vacation in Sayulita because the city is very safe, and people feel comfortable to wander the streets throughout the day without worrying about crime. As always, crime can happen anywhere, so follow the Sayulita tips for safety and be sure not to leave valuables laying out while you take a dip in the ocean. However, when you visit Sayulita, the laidback tranquility of the village will make you feel welcome and safe.

As you try the Sayulita attractions, you’ll feel the relaxed energy of the town flow through you as you spend the day relaxing and soaking it all in. While there are plenty of reasons to visit Sayulita, you’ll discover your own reasons to love the city when you travel to Sayulita.

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