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Riviera Nayarit Weather

DESTINATION | Published on 17/09/2021
Optimizada weather in riviera nayarit

In the warm Riviera Nayarit weather, the tropical breeze rustles through palm trees and the warm sunshine lights up the ocean water. Like the rest of the world, Mexico’s west coast experiences different seasons, and the local weather forecast varies throughout the year. Each season has its own advantages as the average temperature rises and falls. If you’re looking for the best time to visit Riviera Nayarit, it’s important to consider which seasons are best for different activities and to check how the temperature Nayarit Mexico has changes throughout the year. However, no matter when you take your vacation, you’ll find plenty of adventure and relaxation.

Seasonal Weather in Riviera Nayarit

When spring arrives in Riviera Nayarit, the local weather forecast has clear skies and warm temperatures. As summer approaches, the average temperature will start to heat up, bringing more humidity with it. Late summer brings rain showers that last into the fall. However, the storms are fairly predictable, arriving in the late afternoons. Savvy travelers plan their outdoor activities in the mornings and relax inside when the rain comes. The Riviera Nayarit weather in November takes a turn, bringing with it the beginning of winter and the coolest temperatures of the year, which makes most travelers want a light jacket for the mornings and evenings. One thing most travelers don’t consider when they ask “Is Riviera Nayarit safe?” is sun damage. No matter what time of year it is, remember to apply sunblock every two hours when you're outside to avoid being stuck inside with a bad sunburn.

When is the Best Time to Visit Riviera Nayarit?

Traveling in each of the seasons has its own benefits. If you’re wanting to explore the ocean while scuba diving or snorkeling, travel in the spring or summer when the average temperature in the water is warmer and the rains haven’t clouded the visibility. As the local weather forecast heats up and the rain starts, tourism typically slows down, which causes resorts and tour companies to offer their lowest prices of the year. Seasoned travelers know this is the best time to visit Riviera Nayarit, giving them more room in their budget for splurging on spa treatments and excursions. However, if you’re hoping the temperature Nayarit Mexico has will be on the cooler side, travel in the winter, and you won’t find yourself sweating in the afternoons. As the Riviera Nayarit weather in November attracts tourists back to town, you’re less likely to find deals, but there will be more festivals and events happening. Winter is also whale watching season, and you’ll see humpback whales breaching the surface of the water between December and March.

When is Hurricane Season?

The official hurricane season in Riviera Nayarit is from June through November, but the hurricane tropical storm forecast won’t show much until September. While a tropical storm or hurricane is most likely to appear in September, the chances of it making landfall in Riviera Nayarit are slim. Because the city is tucked into the north side of Banderas Bay and is surrounded by a flat valley, a hurricane is most likely to make landfall further to the south, get downgraded by the time it reaches Riviera Nayarit, or blow past out at sea. If you look at when hurricane season is and see that you’re traveling at the same time, don’t stress about the Riviera Nayarit weather.

Is Riviera Nayarit Safe?

While the hurricane tropical storm forecast rarely predicts much damage for Riviera Nayarit, Mother Nature can be unpredictable. When a storm approaches, it’s normal to worry about Riviera Nayarit safety. People throughout the city know that the tropical weather can be dangerous, and they’ve got plans in place for protecting local citizens and visitors. By listening to your resort’s staff, you’ll know what steps to take, and if an evacuation is deemed necessary, there will be a place already lined up for you. If you are worried about storms, you can always wait to travel until the Riviera Nayarit weather in November blows the rains away.

As you make your travel plans, it’s important to consider how the weather will affect your vacation and to check when hurricane season is in Riviera Nayarit. Cooler seasons lend themselves better to outdoor adventures on land, and in the summer, the warmer water temperature Nayarit Mexico has makes snorkeling and scuba diving truly relaxing. Thankfully, the hurricane tropical storm forecast rarely predicts any true danger for the city, and no matter when you travel, you’ll find plenty of natural beauty and unique things to do in Riviera Nayarit.

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