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Tips for Eating Vegan While Traveling

DINING | Published on 28/11/2018
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For many travelers and adventure seekers, diving into the local culinary scene while abroad leads to unique finds, good stories, and delicious new meals. If you have no dietary limitations, eating on vacation is often carefree and easy, but for those who are eating vegan while traveling, finding a variety of foods and restaurants that cater to your needs can be quite overwhelming.Sticking to a vegan diet while traveling has become easier over the years as the average travelers become more health and environmentally conscious. Vegan vacations require a little more planning, but it is not impossible to enjoy local cuisine on during your trips. Maintaining your vegan diet while traveling isn’t that hard, but it can be deliciously rewarding. Between the favorite local staples and creative new vegan restaurants popping up around the world, travelers can enjoy vegan vacations throughout top destinations. With these tips for easy vegan traveling and vegan travel snack ideas, you can explore the local cuisine and keep your vegan diet while traveling.

For many travelers, airports pose a challenge to vegan vacations. Surrounded by fast food and pre-packaged junk food, vegan choices seem limited or overpriced. One of the best tips for easy vegan traveling is to prepare and pack vegan travel food before leaving home. Vegan travel snack ideas range from sliced fruits and veggies to store-bought vegan treats. For a more filling meal, make a quick wrap before leaving home with your favorite vegan toppings: hummus, tomato, spinach, and mushrooms. When traveling abroad, remember that vegan travel food and snacks must be eaten before reaching customs if they contain fresh produce or nuts. If they’re prepackaged, you can save them for a quick snack during your trip. With a little planning ahead, these vegan travel snack ideas can save you money on airport food and help you keep your vegan diet while traveling.

Mexican food is famous around the world and the dishes that are prepared around the nation are unique and authentic--something most travelers don’t want to miss out on! If you are traveling to Mexico, you’ll find the local cuisine already includes delicious options for vegan vacations. Perhaps the most popular, authentic vegan dish in Mexico (and around the world) is guacamole. At most restaurants, you can have fresh guacamole or flavorful salsas prepared for you right at your table. Other local specialities that naturally lend themselves to eating vegan while traveling are tacos, enchiladas, or fajitas prepared with beans and grilled vegetables and topped with fresh salsas. With these vegan travel food ideas, vegans can enjoy sizzling, traditional Mexican dishes as they explore the traditions of the culture on vegan vacations.

One of the best vegan travel food ideas is to scope out the speciality vegan dining options. In Mexico there’s a growing vegan culinary scene with several new kitchens crafting innovative dishes for wholesome and vegan dining. The Green Place in Puerto Vallarta, for example, is a local cafe serving fresh vegan sandwiches, soups, and salads all day long with homemade vegan cheeses, fresh hummus, and other creative ingredients. Located in downtown Puerto Vallarta, The Green Place is perfect for a flavorful meal or a quick snack while exploring. When it comes to eating vegan while traveling, dining at a speciality restaurant will give you innovative and flavorful dishes, but most restaurants throughout Mexico offer vegan options to cater to all diners.

One of the best tips for easy vegan traveling is to stay somewhere with a kitchen. When you book your vegan vacation at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico, you can prepare fresh local produce in your sumptuous suite and dine while looking out over the sparkling ocean. Having a kitchen available while traveling also allows you the opportunity to explore the local markets and sample exotic fruits and vegetables. Researching the names of common and foreign produce beforehand will help you find everything you need to create an array of vegan snacks and dishes in the comfort of your own resort suite.

These vegan travel food ideas will not only let you maintain your normal eating routine but will help you discover authentic and traditional Mexican fruits, vegetables, and dishes, even saving you money as you travel through airports. If you plan ahead and scope out creative dining options, vegan travel food will never be challenging or bland again!

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