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Masters of the Kitchen - Culinary Event in Riviera Nayarit

EVENTS | Published on 04/08/2018
Gastronomica 2018 01

There have been a number of culinary events at Riviera Nayarit in the past years, each adding an element of prestige to the top destination in Mexico. Now in 2018, the stars have lined up for another successful string of gastronomic events, including two that already took place, American Divas Culinary Fest and the Cuisine of the Sun International Food & Wine Festival, and three more that are still to come, Vallarta-Nayarit Gastronomica, the XXIV International Gourmet Festival, and Masters of the Kitchen, a culinary event set to take place from August 7-10, 2018. While the other culinary events at Riviera Nayarit have already proven themselves in previous years, all eyes are on Masters of the Kitchen, which is in its first rendition. 

Masters of the Kitchen promises to be a spectacular affair as celebrity chefs, Katsuji Tanabe and Maneet Chauhan take center stage, showing off their talent and wowing the crowds throughout the four-day culinary event. Whenever there are celebrity chefs presenting, special moments tend to take place and the expectation is no different with this new chefs event in Nuevo Vallarta. Chef Tanabe, of Top Chef Boston and Top Chef Mexico, and Chef Chauhan, a judge on Food Networkโ€™s Chopped, will be working alongside some of Nuevo Vallartaโ€™s leading chefs to provide cooking classes and sensational dinner events, in addition to participating in a series of Chopped Challenges, which are sure to be both memorable and exciting. 

Masters of the Kitchen has an intriguing schedule, beginning with an opening cocktail reception and ending with an entertaining beach party where visitors can mix and mingle with the guest celebrity chefs and others attending the gastronomic events. Cooking classes and dinner events will be held each day, allowing visitors to learn from and enjoy the delights of some of the best chefs on the planet. Rounding out the schedule of Nuevo Vallarta events are a series of Chopped Challenges. These culinary competitions, which pit chefs against one another for a chance to earn the title of the top chef, provide the ultimate entertainment for those in attendance as chefs make do with the time restraints and ingredients they are given, turning out mouthwatering dishes that truly surprise judges and tantalize viewers.

While each of the events at Riviera Nayarit hold a special place for the destination in Mexico, the string of recurring culinary events have really set the tone for the spectacular gastronomic experiences visitors can expect when they visit Riviera Nayarit. For more information about Masters of the Kitchen visit their website here or visit the Riviera Nayarit Convention & Visitors Bureau (Riviera Nayarit CVB) site here

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