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Fertilizing Your Plants the Right Way

LIFESTYLE | Published on 12/06/2020
Optimizada how to fertilize plants

While there are many different types of fertilizers to use in your garden, there aren’t as many ways for how to fertilize plants. Without knowing when to fertilize plants or how often to fertilize plants, you won’t really be helping your garden grow. Thankfully, the steps to properly fertilize your garden or potted plants are simple, and with these tips and tricks for getting fertilization in plants, your garden will be blooming with fresh life!

Best Fertilizer for Plants and Flowers

Fertilizers add extra nutrients to soil to enrich the plants and flowers in a garden or pot, and the best fertilizer for plants and flowers depends on what all you’re growing. At your local gardening store, you can find fertilizers designed for flowers and some designed especially for indoor plants. At a store, you can also find organic fertilizer for plants, but there are also a lot of options for making your own natural fertilizer for plants. Coffee grounds are a natural fertilizer for plants and easy to use, just make sure you’re not dumping large clumps of grounds onto a single potted plant every day. If you’re using a natural fertilizer for plants, like coffee grounds, egg shells, or banana peels, spread or bury them evenly among all your plants, and don’t let large piles build up. To make rich organic fertilizer for plants, you can also begin composting table scraps. Using a homemade fertilizer for plants is also a great way to save money.

How to Fertilize Plants

Once you’ve got your store-bought or homemade fertilizer for plants, don’t just sprinkle it around. Taking time to learn how to fertilize plants will make your plant fertilizer significantly more effective. First, begin by removing dead branches and wilted flowers, letting fresh leaves get more sunlight and ensuring that nutrients flow to new growth. Then, cultivate the soil by gently stirring it up, making sure not to hurt the actual plants or roots. Once the soil is loosened, distribute your plant fertilizer evenly into the soil, keeping it from touching the actual plants. After distributing it, do your normal watering. The water will help the soil absorb the plant fertilizer. These steps help insure the best fertilization in plants, and this video will take you through each one.

When to Fertilize Plants

In nature, fertilization in plants occurs during the growing season, beginning in early spring and lasting until the beginning of fall. Trying to use even the best fertilizer for plants and flowers during the winter won’t be as effective. While you should continue to water and tend your garden all year long, let the plants rest during the winter. Knowing when to fertilize plants will help you optimize growth and save you from wasting money and time on fertilizer in the winter. 

How Often to Fertilize Plants

The rules for how often to fertilize plants depend on where they’re growing. Potted plants have limited access to nutrients, so you can use fertilizer up to twice a week, but gardens in the earth only need to be fertilized once a month. Don’t forget that a good organic fertilizer for plants can also be used indoors, and since your pots inside aren’t probably growing as much, they only need it once a week. Be sure to use a good natural, homemade fertilizer for plantsfor any pots or areas where pets might be tempted to dig or sniff.

Knowing how to use your fertilizer is the key to a lush and verdant garden, and once you’re familiar with these steps, fertilizing will be a quick process. Over time, you’ll be rewarded with vibrant blossoms and healthy leaves, giving you a feeling of tranquility and satisfaction.

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