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Fostering Creativity: Fun DIY Projects to Celebrate Children's Day

LIFESTYLE | Published on 06/03/2024
Optimizada kids diy ideas

Celebrating Children's Day in Mexico can become challenging, as many offerings are happening at different points of the cities that are part of the nation: going to the movies, themed shows at theaters, treats at stores, etc. However, if you want your children's Day in Mexico to be different and wholesome, you can opt for a stay-at-home activity!

Read for ten activities perfect to celebrate Children's Day in Mexico uniquely.

a kids doing slime

Homemade Slime

Making slime is a hands-on way for kids to explore science concepts like polymers and chemical reactions. It encourages creativity and sensory exploration. You can do this easy project with things commonly found at home.

Materials: Glue, borax or laundry detergent, water, food coloring (optional).

Procedure: Mix glue with a small amount of borax or laundry detergent dissolved in water until slime forms. Add food coloring for extra fun.

puppet show and kids playing

Shadow Puppet Show

Shadow puppets shows spark imagination and storytelling skills. They encourage collaboration and can be a fun way to learn about light and shadows while having fun as a family.

Materials: Flashlight, white sheet or wall, cut-out shapes or hands

Procedure: Arrange the sheet or wall as a screen. Use the flashlight to cast shadows of cut-out shapes or hands to create characters and tell stories.

kids painting rocks

Painting Rocks

Painting rocks allows children to express their creativity and develop fine motor skills. It's also a great way to explore nature and outdoor spaces. We recommend painting the rocks as animals! It is a creative way to bring your kids’ creations to life.

Materials: Smooth rocks, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, sealer (optional).

Procedure: Paint designs or pictures on rocks using acrylic paint. Let dry and seal if desired.

a girl doing bucket list

Make a Bucket List

Making a bucket list encourages goal-setting and helps kids develop a sense of adventure and curiosity. It can also foster family bonding as everyone shares their dreams and aspirations!

Materials: Paper, markers, or pens.

Procedure: Sit down together and brainstorm activities or goals to add to the bucket list.

when doing bookmarks we need to think the topics

Craft-Stick Bookmarks

Crafting bookmarks is a fun and practical activity that encourages creativity and helps foster a love of reading. Kids can personalize their bookmarks and use them for their favorite books.

Materials: Craft sticks, markers, stickers, glue.

Procedure: Decorate craft sticks with markers, stickers, or other embellishments to create unique bookmarks.

four kids playing in the street


Hopscotch is a classic outdoor game that promotes physical activity, balance, and coordination. It also helps kids learn counting and turn-taking skills.

Materials: Chalk, pavement, or sidewalk.

Procedure: Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground with numbered squares. Take turns hopping through the grid, following the rules of the game.

colorful sensory sorting for babys

Sensory Sorting

Sensory sorting activities stimulate cognitive development and enhance sensory awareness. They also promote problem-solving skills and encourage scientific inquiry.

Materials: Assorted objects with different textures, colors, and shapes; containers for sorting.

Procedure: Provide a variety of objects and encourage kids to sort them by different attributes such as color, shape, or texture.

a girl walking around wind chimes

Make Wind Chimes

Making wind chimes combines creativity with a love for the outdoors. It encourages recycling and upcycling and provides a sensory experience as kids listen to the chimes in the breeze.

Materials: Recycled materials (such as tin cans, bottle caps, or seashells), string or wire, beads (optional).

Procedure: Attach the recycled materials to a string or wire, spacing them out evenly. Add beads for extra decoration and hang the wind chime outside.

people doing storywriting

Write a Short Story Together

Collaborative storytelling fosters creativity, imagination, and communication skills. It encourages teamwork and can be a fun way for families to bond and create lasting memories.

Materials: Paper, pens or pencils.

Procedure: Sit together and take turns contributing ideas to create a story. Write down each person's contribution and collaborate to develop the plot and characters.

diy terrarium for kids with 10 or less years old

DIY Terrarium

Building a terrarium provides hands-on experience with nature and plants. It teaches kids about ecosystems, responsibility, and the importance of caring for living things. Plus, it adds a touch of greenery to any indoor space!

Materials: Glass container, small plants, potting soil, rocks or pebbles, activated charcoal (optional), decorative elements (optional).

Procedure: Layer rocks or pebbles, charcoal, and potting soil in the glass container. Plant small plants and add decorative elements as desired.

Let us know which of these DIY crafts for kids you will be doing to celebrate Children’s Day!

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