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Where do I find the best travel deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022?

LIFESTYLE | Published on 31/10/2022
Optimizada black friday cyber monday travel deals

You’ve probably started seeing ads for holiday sales on high-tech gadgets and discounted gifts, but few people take time to ask “Are there travel deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday?” Because airlines and resorts know that this is a major shopping season, they offer their lowest prices of the year on flights and vacation packages.

Whether you’re giving the gift of travel or making plans for your new year, taking advantage of Black Friday Cyber Monday travel deals will give you more room in your budget for souvenir shopping and holiday treats. Finding the best travel deals requires savvy shopping and with this guide to Black Friday Cyber Monday travel deals, you’ll get the most for your money.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

Shoppers’ lists of what to get on Black Friday range from the latest kids’ toys to high-end designer bags, but those who love adventure are already scouting out the best travel deals. With the rise in online retailing, shoppers can take advantage of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from the comfort of their own homes.

While it has become tradition for many shoppers to line up outside stores at midnight, it’s often easier to find travel deals online. While Cyber Monday has traditionally been the day for online shopping, you’ll be able to find plenty of Black Friday deals on the internet for flights, tours, and resort packages, especially from companies who don’t have storefronts or from those whose offices aren’t easily accessible to consumers living in faraway places.

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As you plan out what to get on Black Friday and what to wait for on Cyber Monday, it’s important that you know what the sales will be. While some deals will start to pop up on TV or in the local ads that get delivered to your doorstep, you’re less likely to see Black Friday Cyber Monday travel deals these ways.

The best way to find out are there travel deals on Black Friday is to sign up for newsletters from your favorite resorts and airlines. Many travel companies release early information on Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales via their newsletters to reward loyal customers, and when you have access to this information, you can plan out your shopping in advance, saving you time and money. 

Shop Direct

To take advantage of these deals, you’ll want to shop directly on airlines’ and resorts’ websites. While discount sites often have low prices, they can only post deals that resorts and airlines allow them to, so if you only look here, you’ll be left wondering “Are there travel deals on Cyber Monday?” Travel companies usually reserve their special deals for their own webpages. To take advantage of these prices, contact their sites and call centers directly.

When it comes to what to get on Cyber Monday, don’t forget about all the trips you’ve been dreaming of all year long. Whether you’re shopping for your own getaway or giving the gift of travel this season, these Black Friday deals will help you get the most for your money, leaving you with a little extra in your budget for some extra shopping. Plus, with the ease of browsing Black Friday deals online from the comfort of your own home, saving money has never been easier.

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