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Puerto Vallarta: 3rd Most Beautiful Bay in the World, According to World Bays

NEWS | Published on 18/03/2020
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Banderas Bay Mexico has captured the imagination of travelers from around the world, inspiring romance and providing a scenic backdrop for vacations and adventures. The bay’s enchanting beauty is no secret, and this year, World Bays, a club dedicated to preserve and sustainably develop the incredible bays of the world, has named Banderas Bay one of the best bays in the world for both its beauty and environment.

Puerto Vallarta - Banderas Bay, one of the most largest bays in Mexico, stretches across 80 kilometers of the Pacific Ocean. By boat, crossing from the city of Yelapa on the southern tip of the bay across to Punta de Mita in the north can take well over an hour. However, as you cross, there’s a good chance you’ll see some of the most famous travelers to Banderas Bay Mexico: humpback whales. Every winter, whales make the long trek from up by Alaska down to the bay to enjoy the warmer waters and give birth, and the calves have plenty of room and safe waters in Puerto Vallarta, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, to play during the first months of their lives. Spotting them breaching the water or seeing dolphins jumping around your boat makes sailing around the bay a surreal experience, showcasing what makes Puerto Vallarta one of the best Mexico destinations.

Los Arcos is a popular site that makes this one of the most beautiful bay destinations in Mexico. In the southern half of the bay, near the fishing village named Mismaloya, these large, rocky, islands rise out of the water, towering above the sea and covered with green shrubbery and seagulls. Their striking appearance is iconic in the bay, and paddleboards can safely explore the tunnels and caves in the rocks since it’s a protected marine zone. However, the true wonders of Los Arcos are under the water’s surface. This is one of the best Mexico destinations for snorkeling and scuba diving. Along the ocean’s floor, octopus blend in among the rocks, sea turtles drift along, and tropical fish dart here and there. The ecosystem of Los Arcos showcases the diverse and rich marine life that makes Banderas Bay one of the most beautiful bay destinations in Mexico.

At the northernmost tip of Banderas Bay Mexico, the Marietas Islands are home to rare tropical birds and a hidden beach. Of all the best bays in the world, none of them have anything like the Marietas Islands. Atop the craggy cliffs of the island, rare blue footed booby birds build nests and soar through the air. Famed for their role in Charles Darwin’s studies, the blue footed booby birds can only be found in a few Pacific destinations, and this is one of the few bays of the world where you can spot them. The other main attraction of the islands is the hidden beach. Tucked away through a tunnel, Lover’s Beach has soft sands and turquoise waters, and under the opening in the dome overhead, it’s the perfect spot for sunny beach pictures. For those looking for rare experiences, the Marietas Islands is one of the best Mexico destinations. 

As World Bays surveyed the best bays in the world, Puerto Vallarta - Banderas Bay, the largest bay in the country, stood out in two categories: beauty and ecology and environmental work. In the first category, the Bay of Banderas placed third, and in the second, the bay was ranked second in the world. As one of the most beautiful bay destinations in Mexico, the community is dedicated to protecting the bay, which provides them with seafood, tourism, and adventure. Throughout the bay, you’ll see signs and rules that are designed to prevent the destruction of plants, harm to marine life, and damage to the ecosystem. At all public entrances, trash is separated into organic and inorganic waste. With these efforts, the Bay of Banderas will continue to be one of the most beautiful bays of the world for years to come.

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