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Riviera Nayarit Receives "Safe Travels Stamp" from WTTC

TRAVEL UPDATES | Published on 30/06/2020
Optimizada riviera nayarit received the safe travel stamp from wttc

Riviera Nayarit Mexico has always been loved for its calm and safe shores, and now, it’s also been recognized as one of the safest Mexico travel destinations during the current Coronavirus situation.

Around the world, many cities are reopening, and governments and businesses are looking for the best travel safety practices to make sure the pandemic continues to slow down. With so much news and many rumors about the virus, it can be hard to distinguish fact from fiction and know is it safe to travel, but the World Travel and Tourism Council is working to help ensure seamless travel and restore confidence in Mexico destinations that are taking responsible steps.

Their Safe Travels Stamp recognizes Mexico travel destinations and cities around the world whose governments and businesses are implementing safety measures to protect against COVID-19. 

The World Travel and Tourism Council is the non-profit organization, and for over 30 years, they’ve worked to ensure safe and seamless travel throughout the industry. To help guide businesses through the current pandemic, they’ve created lists of safety measures and protocols based on advice from the WHO and CDC, and designed the guidelines for specific sectors, like cruise ships, car rental companies, and tour providers.

To recognize companies and cities who are taking the best steps to protect travelers’ health and safety, the World Travel and Tourism Council is awarding them with their Safe Travels Stamp. For travelers wondering is it safe to travel to different Mexico destinations, this stamp gives confidence in the protocols being enforced there. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic first began to sweep its way around the globe, the hotels and resorts of Riviera Nayarit Mexico shut their doors to travelers and entered into quarantine. Schools went online, beaches were closed, and citizens were required to wear masks in public.

By taking strict precautions, the city was able to make it through the worst of the pandemic. However, the virus took its toll on the physical and mental well being of citizens as well as on the local economy. Resuming the tourism that makes Riviera Nayarit a popular Mexican destination is important to the city’s health, but doing so can only be done with continued safety measures. The government is requiring hotels and businesses to implement strict travel safety protocols before they can reopen. 

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When you travel to Riviera Nayarit Mexico, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the adventures, beauty, and delicious cuisine that make it one of the top Mexico travel destinations. However, you’ll probably notice a few changes to the daily operations of your resort that will keep you as well as the other travelers and employees safe, like plexiglass at the front desk and limited occupancy in common areas.

In some resorts, guests will be required to reserve a time to use the fitness center, and employees will be given freshly laundered uniforms to change into when they arrive. These travel safety protocols are designed to align with the best advice from world health experts, and because they’re being implemented throughout this popular Mexican destination, Riviera Nayarit has been given the Safe Travels Stamp. As travelers are wondering is it safe to travel to Riviera Nayarit, this award gives the assurance that the city is taking the necessary steps to protect locals and guests. 

Of all the different Mexico destinations, only a few of them have earned the Safe Travels Stamp. While Riviera Nayarit Mexico has always been known as a safe destination, this award marks its commitment to the health of those who call it home all year round and those who call it home for just a temporary time. When you visit this popular Mexican destination, you’ll see the warm hospitality that will welcome and protect you.

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