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Do Men Wear Engagement Rings

WEDDINGS | Published on 17/06/2022
Optimizada engagement ring for men

A man getting down on one knee to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage is perhaps one of the most recognized traditions for couples, and while it’s a long-standing practice, every couple writes their own love story, and traditions evolve over time. For many, choosing to get married includes shopping for engagement rings for men. In fact, the famous jewelry house Tiffany & Co. released its first line of men’s engagement rings in 2021, 135 years after founder Charles Tiffany created his first diamond engagement ring. These rings for men are going to become more and more common, symbolizing equality in marriage and celebrating all couples.

Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

Traditionally, engagement rings for men have not been customary, but as times change and old traditions get thrown to the wayside, more and more people are adding men’s engagement rings to their list of wedding to-dos. To embrace this trend, jewelers are creating rings for men with diamonds, gems, and different metals, fitting all types of styles. The idea of men’s engagement rings on hand still follows tradition, and they’re typically worn on the left ring finger. While it’s not as common to see men wearing rings, it’s a tradition that’s likely to become more and more popular for couples who want to celebrate their relationship equally.

The History of Men Wearing Rings

Traditionally, engagement rings were given to women as a sign that she was off the market, almost serving as symbols of ownership. As gender roles progressed towards equality, the idea of do men wear engagement rings became more common. With the legalization of gay marriage around the world, engagement rings for him became more popular for gay couples, and as it became more acceptable for women to propose to men, the world began to see more and more men wearing rings. Now, almost any jeweler will have several options for men’s engagement rings on hand in their store.

Engagement Rings for Him

The first thing to consider when shopping for men’s engagement rings is the metal. Gold is traditional for both sexes, but rings for men are often made out of more durable and resistant metals, like tungsten and cobalt. When it comes to stones, women don’t get all the sparkle. There are sleek, masculine styles that incorporate diamonds, emeralds, and all sorts of gems into engagement rings for him. Some are embedded in a pavé style, and other rings have a single solitaire stone. However, you don’t have to choose between style and function. Many couples get both elegant and casual engagement rings for men, alternating the ring depending on what they’ll be doing and where they’re going.

For men, getting an engagement ring is a sign that they’re in a committed relationship, ready to walk down the aisle, and as this new practice becomes tradition, you’ll find more and more jewelry shops having plenty of men’s engagement rings on hand with styles to match all sorts of personalities. If you’re curious about do men wear engagement rings, break out of old traditions, and find the ring that suits your love story.

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