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Wedding Ideas on a Budget: Save Money and Keep Having Fun

WEDDINGS | Published on 20/02/2023
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You’ve made it past the marriage proposal and your special someone has said yes. Congratulations! Now, don’t let the those beach wedding ideas start dragging you or your bank account into a state of panic. You can have a cheap wedding that is still filled with love, beauty, and all the things that matter most, especially if you keep some of these beach wedding ideas in mind.

Getting Started

For all those outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, decide where you want to allocate the largest portion of your money. It may be on travel expenses, the hotel, or the flight. You may put most of it on the wedding dress and tux, or perhaps the food. It may even be going to the hall for the reception, so you need some low budget wedding stage decoration.

Once you and your fiance have chosen some of the broad picture options, ask yourself how long does it take to plan a wedding, so you know the timeline for saving for the big day!

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Low Budget Doesn’t Mean a Cheap Wedding

Let’s face it, what bride wants a cheap wedding? Luckily, there are tons of outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, like all those beach wedding ideas on your Pinterest. Don’t get too stressed. The marriage proposal was the hard part.

Now, it’s time to have some fun and decide how long does it take to plan a wedding that you really want in a place that won’t leave you financially challenged. Truthfully, you can plan it a day. Execution is the bigger question. If you want a drive-thru wedding with Elvis, time frames are travel from where you are to Vegas.

However, if you want to the sound of waves with golden sand under your feet, those beach wedding ideas may take a little longer - Check out the ways to save money on your wedding.

Gathering some ribbon, wild flowers, and bolts of white material can fast track your low budget wedding stage decoration. A beautiful dress can be found online or at a second-hand shop, or you can choose to break tradition and wear what you like! Put your budget where it matters most. A DJ and a dance floor? An open bar? Or plane tickets. 

Budget vs. Stress

From the marriage proposal to fulfilling all those beach wedding ideas, you could be looking at an average cost of $28,000 dollars according to The Knot's 2021 study and WeddingWire's Wedding Cost Guide.

But if you choose to take the nuptial bliss out of the country, you could find options up to 70% less by stepping into Mexico and going with the all-inclusive resort option. Many of the best hotels even have a wedding package with a coordinator and every detail taken care of while you sit in the sun. 

Just give your preferred location a call and ask them how long does it take to plan a wedding? The rest is all about travel and checking in with those nearest and dearest to see who can make the trip with you and share in the moment. 

Keeping it Local 

For the truly frugal ceremony, consider your outdoor wedding ideas on a budget and put them together in the backyard of a family friend or have those you love most join you in a national park or even that patch of green you played ball in as a kid. 

At the end of the day, what matters is that you found each other and have the rest of your lives to enjoy wedded bliss... Have you ever think "What is a wedding in mexico like?"

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