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What to Expect When You're Invited to a Destination Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 16/07/2019
Optimizada destination wedding

Destination wedding ideas fill many brides’ heads, and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive an invitation to jet off to a tropical destination to watch the happy couple say “I do.” While destination weddings are continuously one of the most popular types of wedding ceremonies, you’ll probably only attend a destination wedding once or twice. You’ve seen them in movies, but you’re probably still not sure what to expect. This guide to what to expect when you’re invited to attend a destination wedding will help you get excited for the trip and be prepared to celebrate love and commitment.

Destination Wedding Guests’ Accommodations

As brides shop for destination wedding packages, one of the things they’ll look for are discounted room rates for their family and friends. Getting a group hotel rate for destination wedding guests will help lower your travel costs and likely save you money on transportation to and from the ceremony. When you’re staying with all the other destination wedding guests, it’ll be easy to join in all the festivities. 

Make It A Vacation

When you attend a destination wedding, your trip will include more than just watching the bride walk down the aisle and eating wedding cake. These types of wedding ceremonies give families and friends the opportunity to let loose and party on vacation together. The happy couple may have destination wedding ideas for activities and tours planned for everyone to do together during the day, but if not, a little research will show you how to make the most of your time in paradise. Adding in a snorkeling trip with tropical fish or extending your trip for a few extra days will turn attending a wedding into taking an incredible vacation.

Don’t Sweat About Gifts

Most couples choosing destination wedding packages and planning seaside nuptials aren’t expecting guests to travel for their big day and buy an expensive gift. The simplest destination wedding ideas if you want to give a gift are to buy something from the directory to be shipped to the couple or to make a monetary gift. No matter which one you opt for, remembering to bring a card to congratulate the couple is appropriate and sincerely appreciated. 

Be Prepared For The Ceremony

While beach ceremonies are a classic choice for a destination wedding, they’re not the only choice. Couples have a variety of choices for types of wedding ceremonies in their destination. While most wedding guests know not to wear white, choosing an outfit for a destination wedding can be tricky. If your don’t know what the ceremony will be like, check with the couple or a member of the wedding party. If it’s on the beach, you still don’t want to show up dressed too casually or looking like a tourist. A sturdy dress that won’t blow in the breeze or slacks and a button-down shirt can work for most types of wedding ceremonies from beachside affairs to church weddings, but black-tie events in a luxury resort will require more formal dresses and suits. 

As destination wedding packages become more popular, you’ll likely find an invitation to a celebration in paradise in your mailbox. Being prepared and knowing what to expect will make attending the event easier, whether it’s a casual beach wedding or a formal ballroom ceremony. During your vacation, you can relax and enjoy the best of the destination and celebrate the couple’s love.

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