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Why Taking Vacations Makes You Happier - According to Experts

WELLNESS | Published on 07/02/2023
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In a fast paced world where the bottom line is staying busy and achieving success to either make ends meet or create your legacy, it can soon become a swirling drain of repeat days that leave you unsatisfied, burnt out, and looking for something more in life.

Does that mean you need to give up everything you’ve worked for? Absolutely not! So how can you combat stress, anxiety, sadness, or boredom? How do you break the monotony of doing the same old thing and find meaning in the world you’ve created around you? Work, life balance.

One of the very best ways to bring that balance back into your life is through vacations, getting away from the mundane, the hustle, the never ending to-do list, and see what else the world has to offer - At the same time, you can do welness travel.

How to be Happy Again

It has been shown that travel improves you quality of life by relieving stress, broadening your perspectives to see life differently which in turn increases happiness and personal satisfaction. When your brain and body feel the affects of this, your at less risk of depression, anxiety, and general discontent.

So when you say, “I want to travel.” You’re choosing your health and mental well-being along with a new adventure. When you ask how to be a happier person, the answer is finding a way to release your stress and broaden your horizons through new activities and experiences. This equals travel.

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How to Recover From Burnout

Burnout on the job is a very real type of stress that, according to the Mayo Clinic, carries its own symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, sadness, anger or irritability, alcohol or substance misuse, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. If you’re wondering how to deal with stress at work, then you may need to look at how to recover from burnout.

Your job may have stressful days, but it shouldn’t be creating stressful life. If that’s the case, then stepping back even for a vacation every few months may be the answer you’re looking for. In the meantime, consider meditative activities, regular exercise, and prioritize your sleep. 

How to Deal with Depression

Being human is more than job success, financial boosts, and keeping up with the Joneses. It’s also about exploring the world you live in, finding meaning, and deciding how to be a happier person. By saying, “I want to travel” or “I’m going to put myself first,” you’re opening a door to better mental health, work-life balance, and a sure fire way of how to deal with depression. 

If all of this doesn’t show you that travHel is the answer to how to deal with stress at work, how to recover from burnout, and how to be happy again, then take a look at the 9 Reasons Travel is Good for Your Mental Health from the World Travel and Tourism Council. If you don’t have the time, let us summarize it for you. 

  1. Travel combats monotony and increases world view to increase adaptiveness and overall tolerance. 
  2. Active travel activities in nature has shown to improve mood and increase hope in life.
  3. Travel relieves stress.
  4. Travel improves brain function and creativity.
  5. Taking a travel break increases energy and productivity at work when you return.
  6. Altruistic activities during travel have proven to encourage mental physiological changes connected to happiness.
  7. Travel retreats focused on mental and physical well-being are restorative and improve mental health.
  8. Choosing travel from your bucket list automatically increases happiness.
  9. Traveling with people you love, friends or family, taps into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and lets us experience connection and belonging.

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