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Should You Say "No kids at Your Wedding"?

WEDDINGS | Published on 04/05/2021
Optimizada kids at weddings

Once you start planning a wedding, you’ll discover the seemingly endless list of decisions that need to be made, and one that most couples don’t think about right away is whether or not to have kids at weddings. Deciding whether to have a family-friendly or adults-only celebration is important, and to make this decision, there are several factors to consider. While you don’t want to offend any guests by not inviting their kids, having infants, toddlers, and younger teenagers at a wedding can present challenges, but if you do, some simple kids table wedding activities will make the night fun for them as well. However, in the end, it’s a choice between you and your partner, and you’ll find that your loved ones will be more than willing to accommodate either way.

How to Decide if You Should Have Kids at Your Wedding

Before you send out invitations, you’ll want to decide on whether or not kids are invited, especially since it will affect your overall headcount. If you’re already squeezing in guests and getting close to your budget, you might not want to pay for food and plan wedding activities for kids. However, if you’re planning a destination wedding or have lots of guests coming in from out of town, asking them to find a babysitter is a bit of a challenge. You can also compromise and invite a few kids, especially any in your immediate families. No matter what you decide, make the decision before sending out your invitations.

How to Say No Kids at Wedding Without Offending

Even once invitations are addressed clearly to parents, some guests might call to ask if the whole family is invited. If you have to figure out how to say no kids at wedding to parents who have questions, you can politely explain that it just wasn’t in your budget or that you’re wanting them to let loose and celebrate with you. Giving an honest reason will help them understand, and at the same time, let your friends and family know that you understand finding childcare may be an inconvenience but that you hope they’ll be able to make it.

Ideas for Children at Weddings that will Keep them Occupied

Couples who will have kids at weddings will want to make plans so that they feel special and are entertained. When you’ve got some good wedding entertainment ideas for children at weddings prepared, everyone will be happy, and you likely won’t hear fussing or fighting while they’re enjoying wedding activities for kids. Some of the easiest things to prepare are kids table wedding activities, like coloring pages, word searches, and crosswords. One of the best ideas for children at weddings is to prepare a simple kids’ menu, which might also save you on the overall food cost. After dinner, while everyone is dancing, consider hiring a professional, like a balloon artist or magician, to provide more wedding activities for kids. These wedding entertainment ideas will minimize any outbursts or tears, making it easy to have kids at weddings.

As you make your guest list, don’t forget to consider your loved ones who have kids. Figuring out how to say no kids at wedding doesn’t have to be complicated as long as you’re honest and clear, and not having kids gives everyone a chance to dance and celebrate. However, if you do invite children, there are several wedding entertainment ideas that will keep them occupied and help them enjoy the night too. From kids table wedding games to special entertainers, they’ll have an incredible night, and you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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