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Fostering Creativity: Fun DIY Projects to Celebrate Children's Day

Celebrating Children's Day in Mexico can become challenging, as many offerings are happening at different points of the cities that are part of the nation: going to the movies, themed shows at…

Published on 06.03.2024


Earth Day 2024: A Beginner's Guide to Zero-Waste Living

With Earth Day 2024 less than a month away, people all over the planet are reading up on and being influenced by different ways to live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles. While you don’t need a…

Published on 29.02.2024


Love Languages in Friendship: Navigating Affection in Meaningful Connections

When thinking about love, our minds tend to go directly to romantic love, the one shared with our couple, our other half. However, there are many more types of love. One rarely talked about is the one…

Published on 22.01.2024


Embracing the Idea of a Workation: A Guide to Seamless Work and Vacation Harmony

In a world where remote work trends are on the rise, the concept of a workation has become increasingly popular. But what is a workation, and how can you successfully combine work and travel? Let's…

Published on 27.12.2023


Embracing the Magic: Christmas and New Year’s Celebrations in Mexico

As the holiday season approaches, Mexico comes alive with vibrant colors, festive decorations, and a joyous spirit that is truly unique. There are a number of heartwarming traditions that define…

Published on 23.11.2023


Exploring the Magic of Mexico’s Day of the Dead

In the vibrant tapestry of Mexican holidays and traditions, there's one that stands out, both in its cultural charm and rich history - El Día de Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. Celebrated with utmost…

Published on 16.10.2023


Celebrating Freedom: Mexican Independence Day Traditions

Happy Mexican Independence Day! Every year on the 16th of September in Mexico, the country erupts in a vibrant and passionate celebration of its freedom. Mexican Independence Day, the day when people…

Published on 08.09.2023


Stay Curious: Chinese New Year History

While most of the world rings in the new year on December 31, China is known for its unique traditions at the Lunar New Year. As its name suggests, Chinese New Year follows the cycle of the moon, and…

Published on 23.01.2023


Where do I find the best travel deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022?

You’ve probably started seeing ads for holiday sales on high-tech gadgets and discounted gifts, but few people take time to ask “Are there travel deals on Cyber Monday or Black Friday?” Because…

Published on 31.10.2022


Best Ways to Experience Mexican Culture

Traveling the world allows you to experience other cultures and see how other people live their daily lives, and when you vacation in Riviera Nayarit, you’ll be surrounded by Mexico cultures. While…

Published on 02.09.2022


Unique Gifts for Mother's Day 2022

Over the years, you’ve probably given your Mom plenty of cards and flowers, and after a lifetime of love and friendship, finding unique Mothers Day gifts that are meaningful and useful can be…

Published on 02.05.2022


10 Small Towns in Mexico for Natural Beauty, Arts, Culture, and Tequila

Mexico is a diverse country filled with bustling metropolitan cities and small towns tucked back in the mountains, and these smaller communities are some of the best places to visit in Mexico if you…

Published on 08.04.2022


Best Spring Break Destinations for Families

Spring break and time off from school gives families a chance to escape to the beach and spend quality time together exploring new places. Of all the options for where to go for spring break 2022, the…

Published on 09.03.2022


The Best Birthday Destination for Every Age

From the jungles of southern Mexico to the icy tundra of northern Canada, North America is filled with natural beauty, and to check a few of its wonders off your bucket list, mark each new decade with…

Published on 25.02.2022


How to Plan a Group Trip

Switch things up at work with destination meetings on a vacation in Mexico. Getting away for group travel gives your team a chance to focus on a project without everyday distractions, and a change of…

Published on 14.01.2022


Popular December Global Holidays

As the days get shorter and the weather grows colder, global holidays in December keep our spirits warm and make the days merry. As you explore what holidays are celebrated in December around the…

Published on 06.12.2021


Sayulita Mexico - Day Trip to a Magic Town near Nuevo Vallarta

On a Nuevo Vallarta vacation, you could easily spend every day lounging by the pool and strolling on the beach in front of your resort, but getting out and exploring the local nearby towns gives you a…

Published on 08.01.2021


Why You Shouldn't Cancel your Trip to Mexico

Whether you’ve had this vacation booked for months or you just recently scored a deal, the current situation may have you asking “Should I cancel my trip to Mexico?” While you should continue to…

Published on 27.11.2020


Fertilizing Your Plants the Right Way

While there are many different types of fertilizers to use in your garden, there aren’t as many ways for how to fertilize plants. Without knowing when to fertilize plants or how often to fertilize…

Published on 12.06.2020


Winter: Things to See and Do in Nuevo Vallarta

The best winter vacations in Nuevo Vallarta are filled with the fresh sea breeze and warm sunshine. With clear skies and mild temperatures, it’s the best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. As you…

Published on 17.04.2020


Safety Tips for All Travelers

Many people are enchanted by the idea of vacations filled with long walks on the beach and lazy afternoons with icy margaritas, but some people will stop to ask “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?”…

Published on 07.11.2019


Tips for Finding the Best Airfare and Travel Deals

Experienced travelers seem to always know the trick for finding the best travel deals. They seem to have access to the lowest airfare rates to jet around the globe at the drop of a hat. While you may…

Published on 25.09.2019


5 Vacation Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

While many websites and blogs will give you excellent vacation ideas for what to do, they may not tell you what you shouldn’t do if you want to avoid common travel mistakes. Even experienced…

Published on 28.08.2019


10 Signs You Need a Vacation

Some people are ready to travel at the drop of a hat, but you might be one of the millions that struggle to take time off and get out of town. Why take a vacation? There’s work to do and a checklist…

Published on 21.08.2019


How to Renew Your Passport in 5 Easy Steps

Before booking international flights, it’s important to make sure your passport is up to date, especially since many countries require you to have several blank pages and at least six more valid…

Published on 24.07.2019


Dealing with Dietary Restrictions on Your Nuevo Vallarta Vacations

Dietary restrictions don’t have to come in between you and delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or gluten free, savor…

Published on 15.05.2019


Things to Do in Nuevo Vallarta for Families

Mexico family vacations in Nuevo Vallarta with kids are a special time to be together and create memories that will last a lifetime. As you enjoy different activities for families, you’ll be able to…

Published on 12.03.2019


Outfits for your Puerto Vallarta Vacations

Before you can kick back on the beach with a tangy margarita in your hand, it’s time to figure out which outfits for your Puerto Vallarta vacations to pack and what to leave at home. Especially when…

Published on 23.01.2019


The Benefits of Staying at an All Inclusive Hotel in Nuevo Vallarta

Planning a vacation is an exciting time with many possibilities and adventures to be had. As you make plans to turn your dream vacation into a reality, one of the first steps is to choose where to…

Published on 26.09.2018


Getting the Best Pictures of Your Nuevo Vallarta Vacation

Each trip to Villa del Palmar Flamingos Riviera Nayarit creates lifelong memories of splashing in the sea, floating in the pool, dining on Mexican cuisine, and enjoying quality time as a family. Even…

Published on 29.06.2018

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