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The Perfect Decorations for Your Nuevo Vallarta Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 24/10/2018
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Destination weddings create a feeling of intimacy and peace as you and your closest friends and family gather together under the setting sun to witness the love you and your partner share. While the wedding will last a day, the memory of it will last a lifetime. As destination weddings have become more popular, unique wedding ideas and special touches make your day one of a kind, personalized to you and your partner’s personalities and story. From programs to flowers, there are plenty of weddings decoration ideas that create your ideal day and will make your wedding uniquely you.

Putting little extra details into all the paper products, from invitations to programs, can help create a unified design to the wedding. For the world-traveling couple, invitations can be inspired by passports or boarding passes, getting your guests excited for a paradise vacation. Tips for beautiful wedding decorations include paying attention to the little details, including the programs. During the ceremony, have programs designed with tropical flowers, subtle shells, or ocean blues to enhance the natural wedding decoration of the seaside around you at the beach.

For wedding flowers inspiration, look no further than the beaches around the Nuevo Vallarta wedding venues. Along the shores, you’ll find a variety of shells washed in with the tide and towering palm trees overhead. For the gentlemen, adding a small starfish to the boutonnieres is an elegant way to add the touch of the sea, and it can be done in a simple, subtle way. For the ladies, bouquets with lush greens will echo the swaying palms. Nuevo Vallarta wedding venues usually coordinate with experienced florists who can help you choose the best flowers of the season and give you some of their own wedding flowers inspiration. 

The first wedding decoration many people will see is the guest book. One of the most nautical weddings decoration ideas is a message in the bottle. Find a vintage glass bottle and tie some twine around it for a rustic look, and leave a sign for guests to write you a note which you will read on your first anniversary. Some tips for beautiful wedding decorations include using calligraphy or cursive writing for the instructions for the guestbook. The coordinators at many Nuevo Vallarta wedding venues can help you make sure these little touches get done perfectly. Then as you open the bottle a year later, you’ll be reminded of the beautiful day you shared with your family and friends and the love you and your partner professed.

After the ceremony, unique wedding ideas at the reception continue to show your vision for the day. At the center of each table, design centerpieces that reflect the beauty of the sea. Floating candles are one of the best unique wedding ideas to tie the waters of the ocean into the reception. Underneath the candle, fill the water with a variety of shells. For more wedding flowers inspiration, you could also place shells inside the bottom of vases on the tables. Another special touch is using nautical lanterns, whether as centerpieces or around the Nuevo Vallarta wedding venues, to light up the night with a romantic glow.

One of the best tips for beautiful wedding decorations that can help create the vision you’ve dreamed of is to allow the cake to reflect the destination of the wedding. For part of the night, the cake will be displayed on a table in the reception, making it a perfect opportunity to let it reflect the beauty of the sea with blue ombres or wave-textured frosting. Some couples may choose to add a flair of fun to the cake with a mermaid or sailor couple on top.

Whatever weddings decoration ideas you go with, what makes the day special is the love that flows between you and your partner, and the look between the two of you is really the best wedding decoration.

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