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Guide to Transportation in Nuevo Vallarta

DESTINATION | Published on 13/11/2019
Optimizada transportation in nuevo vallarta

During a Nuevo Vallarta vacation, there’s a million things you’ll want to do and places to explore. Using public and private transportation in Vallarta will let you see it all. Between the surfing villages in the north to downtown Puerto Vallarta, you can spend each day touring the Bay of Banderas. From your first transportation from Vallarta airport to your last adventures, these Nuevo Vallarta transportation services have got you covered.

Transportation from Vallarta Airport

Hundreds of travelers land in Vallarta every day, and there are several options for Vallarta airport transportation. The quickest and easiest is likely a hotel transfer that you can set up before you arrive, but if you haven’t planned ahead a taxi, located directly outside arrivals with posted prices, will be your quickest choice. For Puerto Vallarta airport transportation to most resorts, you’ll pay between $20 to $35USD. Most private transportation in Vallarta will accept US dollars, including taxis. The cheapest transportation from Vallarta airport is the public bus. To access this public Puerto Vallarta airport transportation, you’ll exit the airport and cross the pedestrian bridge to the left. On the other side, you can catch a northbound bus labeled “RIU.” This will take you to Flamingos.

Hiring a Taxi

Taxis aren’t just for Puerto Vallarta airport transportation; they’re available outside every major resort, waiting to take you around the bay. Taxis will accept both Mexican pesos and US dollars, so you’ll want to make sure you have cash on you. Before you get in the taxi, the driver will quote you a rate. If you’re unsure what a fair price is, you can ask the concierge at your resort who should have a list of standard rates.

Buses to Puerto Vallarta

Public buses are by far the cheapest Nuevo Vallarta transportation services, saving you money to spend on adventures and souvenirs. While the buses stop more than taxis, you’ll still get to your destination while experiencing the city like a local. To catch a bus to downtown, take a white ATM bus to the south, and you’ll spend less than a dollar. You can use these same buses for Vallarta airport transportation. As you approach your destination, move towards the door and let the driver know you’re ready to hop off.

Buses to Northern Beaches

You can also use public Nuevo Vallarta transportation services to explore the surfing villages and secluded beaches to the north. For destinations like Sayulita and San Pancho, catch one of the northbound green buses. As you wait on the main road, you’ll notice that all the buses have their destinations listed. If you’re unsure, you can stop the bus and ask the driver. Then, climb on board, pay your ticket, and get ready for an adventure.

Whether you’re looking for Vallarta airport transportation or a car to get you out of the city, you’ll find plenty of options at your fingertips in Nuevo Vallarta. Public and private options let you make the right decision for your budget, time, and destination. Explore more of the beauty of Mexico by getting out and using the Nuevo Vallarta transportation services.

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