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Is Mexico a Good Place to Summer Vacation?

DESTINATION | Published on 03/07/2019
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The best summer vacations are filled with afternoons in the swimming pool, backyard BBQs, and trips to new places. For many families looking to explore the world and learn about different cultures, summer vacations in Mexico are the perfect option. A Nuevo Vallarta Mexico summer vacation has the warm sunshine and outdoor activities you dreamt of all winter long, and with savings on summer vacation packages, Nuevo Vallarta is one of the best summer vacation spots for you and your family.

Nuevo Vallarta receives some of its warmest days of the year during the summer months, but afternoon rain showers and the ocean breeze cool the air. In this environment, you can create the best summer vacations in Mexico and lifelong memories of cannonballs into the pool and dinners on the beach. As you soak up the sun during the best summer vacations in Mexico, don’t forget to generously apply sunscreen every two hours. While there are plenty of souvenirs you’ll want to bring back from family summer vacations, a sunburn isn’t one of them.

While you’re enjoying a Nuevo Vallarta Mexico summer vacation, you don’t want to spend your time and energy worrying about safety. Most of the resort areas in Mexico, and Nuevo Vallarta in particular, are some of the safest cities in the country, making Nuevo Vallarta one of the safest and best summer vacation spots. The economy here relies on tourism, so local officials and community members are dedicated to keeping Nuevo Vallarta Mexico safe for both locals and visitors. Choosing this as your Mexico summer vacation destination is a smart and safe choice.

With all the exciting activities here, summer vacation for kids is filled with new experiences and thrilling adventures. At Vista Paraíso, you can soar over the jungle on a zipline course or fly around curves on rugged trails while driving an ATV. With Vallarta Adventures, you can explore the mysteries of the sea with sailing, snorkeling, and whale watching tours that will put the magic into your family summer vacations. While you might be tempted to pack your days with tours and activities, scheduling in time to relax and nap will keep everyone refreshed and help you avoid having tired and grumpy kids in the evenings.

As one of the best summer vacation spots, Nuevo Vallarta has several all inclusive resorts with luxurious facilities and all the services needed for family summer vacations. If you’re traveling with young kids, research different resorts’ on-site activities and options for childcare during the day. Leaving your children with the trusted staff at the resort’s Kids’ Club gives parents the break they deserve to unwind and relax while the kids have a blast playing games and making crafts. This is the ideal option to balance a summer vacation for kids and a getaway for parents.

If jetting to Nuevo Vallarta wasn’t already sounding like the perfect idea, the tempting summer vacation packages at all inclusive resorts makes it more affordable to get away. Because the summer months are typically slower for tourism, airlines, hotels, and tour companies often offer their biggest savings on all-inclusive packages and additions. Check resorts’ websites to find summer vacation packages that will fit your budget. 

Summer vacations for kids should be filled with magic and time with mom and dad. To escape the business of daily life and travel somewhere new, add a Mexico vacation to your summer calendar. As you bask in the warm sunshine with your kids between exciting tours and dinners on the beach, you’ll be glad you made time to prioritize yourself and your family by traveling to Mexico.

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