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Dealing with Dietary Restrictions on Your Nuevo Vallarta Vacations

LIFESTYLE | Published on 15/05/2019
Optimizada diet on mexico vacation

Dietary restrictions don’t have to come in between you and delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or gluten free, savor every meal while you travel without stressing about your diet on vacation. As you scan menus and check out the fresh produce available year long, you’ll realize that figuring out how to eat healthy on vacation is simple and deliciously rewarding here. Keep these tips in mind as you make your travel plans and dive into Mexico’s warm hospitality and welcoming kitchens.

Take Advantage Of Fresh Produce

One of the best things for any diet on vacation is the abundance of fresh Mexican produce available all year long. Start each day of your Nuevo Vallarta vacation with tropical pineapple and mango, and enjoy sides of leafy greens and chopped vegetables with chili powder throughout your stay. When it comes to how to eat healthy on vacation, it's easy and delicious to do so when there are fresh guacamole and homemade salsas at every meal. Chopped up vegetables and fruit are often commonly sold by vendors as street food along the roads and on the beach. The traditional Mexican style of serving the produce is to spice it up with chili, salt, or lime juice. If a vendor approaches you on the beach with a beautifully carved mango, you can enjoy this sweet treat as is or topped with Mexican chili powder.

Shop Locally

As more members of the community in Nuevo Vallarta have adopted healthier lifestyles, shops and restaurants have expanded their offerings. In most major supermarkets, you can find vegan cheese and vegetarian meats if you want to do some of your own cooking. You can also pick up some gluten free tortillas, take them to the taco stand, and ask the cook to prepare sizzling vegetarian tacos for you. This way, maintaining your diet on vacation doesn't mean missing out on authentic Mexican cuisine.

Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food

Mexican food isn’t just meaty tacos. Some of the country’s most beloved dishes fit a vegan or vegetarian diet.Tamales, quesadillas, and chilies rellenos (stuffed poblano peppers) can all be prepared with cheese and flavorful sauces, but without meat, and most restaurants have tempting vegan options. Whether you’re at an elegant restaurant of a corner taco stand on your Nuevo Vallarta vacation, there’s a variety of tacos to choose from, some of which won’t even be listed. Since most chefs can customize your tacos, ask for mushroom, raja, or vegetable tacos, and you’ll get a sizzling taco made to order. If you’re gluten free, you can join in the fun since most tacos are made with corn tortillas. However, there is a possibility of cross-contamination in the processing of corn flour, so if you’re highly allergic, consider bringing your own gluten free tortillas with you.

Dive Into The Sea

The Bay of Banderas is a pescatarian paradise. If the only meat you eat is seafood, you won’t have to look hard at a menu to find plenty of mouth-watering options. Sample traditional Mexican ceviches, grilled fillets, or creamy shrimp pasta, knowing that the meat is fresh from the sea. If you’re not a pescatarian, this is still a delicious way to eat healthy on vacation while still feeling like you’re indulging in rich, flavorful meals.

How to eat healthy on vacation is easy when you’re surrounded by the lush vegetation and bountiful sea in Mexico. If you are concerned about finding a healthy meal that meets your dietary restrictions, choose to stay in and dine at your resort. The best hotels in Nuevo Vallarta offer a variety of healthy options that can easily cater to your vegan, gluten free, or other dietary needs. Your Nuevo Vallarta vacations will have your stomach feeling satisfied, your mouth filled with flavor, and your memories warm with the thought of shared meals by the ocean with your loved ones.

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