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The Best Wedding Venues in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

WEDDINGS | Published on 12/02/2020
Optimizada best wedding venues in puerto vallarta and nuevo vallarta

For couples who love to travel and relax, a Puerto Vallarta destination wedding is the dreamiest option for saying “I do” in paradise. Surrounded by family and friends in stunning Puerto Vallarta wedding venues, many couples have taken their first steps of married life in the incredibly romantic destination. Choosing from the best wedding places in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta requires you to know what you want and what to look for. As you brainstorm wedding place ideas, you’ll be able to find the ultimate Puerto Vallarta wedding venues for your big day.

How to Find the Best Wedding Places in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta

Before booking a venue, it’s important to know which wedding place ideas spark your imagination. Rather than just calling the first wedding venues in Nuevo Vallarta you find or going with what’s most popular on social media, take time to dream about your perfect day. Is it small and intimate? Is it a lively all-night party? Outside or inside? Black tie or khakis? Once you can envision the type of best wedding places in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, it’s easy to spot them as you browse online. To find that magical place, also search hashtags and locations on Instagram to see what other couples have done.

Beachside Puerto Vallarta Wedding Venues

The best places for destination weddings are often on the coast, and the beach is one of the most popular wedding venues in Nuevo Vallarta. Here, the sandy shore stretches on for miles, giving you plenty of space and seclusion for your ceremony. Many Vallarta wedding resorts will supply you with the chairs and canopy or gazebo you need to turn the beach into your Puerto Vallarta destination wedding site. As the sunsets and the wind dies down, you’ll have stunning tropical scenery that requires very little other decor. The fresh air and the sound of the ocean breeze rustling through palm trees makes this one of the best places for destination weddings.

Inside Luxury Vallarta Wedding Resorts

Many of the top wedding places in Puerto Vallarta are luxurious resorts, where couples have the option of marrying on the beach or in an elegant ballroom. If you’re worried about weather conditions, have several elderly guests, or don’t like the idea of getting sand on you, opting for indoor wedding venues in Nuevo Vallarta still gives you the beautiful view of the sea from the comfort of a light and airy ballroom. Say “I do” inside without losing any of the beauty or tropical vibes of a beach wedding.

All-Inclusive Packages For Vallarta Wedding Resorts

While getting the Puerto Vallarta destination wedding of your dreams may sound like a fairytale, most resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages tailored to different budgets and dreams. Many couples even find that with the right package, they can have their perfect destination wedding without spending more than they would in their hometowns. As you sort through different packages, make sure you know which wedding place ideas and inclusions are a must for you and which ones you can live without, and you’ll find the perfect option for your budget. 

Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta are the best places for destination weddings, and whether you hold your ceremony inside or outside, the tropical beauty of your venue will inspire romance and celebration. With the tiers of packages offered by even the most elegant resorts, you’ll be saying “I do” surrounded by loved one in one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.

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