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2022 Wedding Trends

WEDDINGS | Published on 04/02/2022
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With 2022 weddings just around the corner, brides and grooms are discovering new ideas and wedding trends online that will make their celebrations truly unique. As they write the next chapter in their love stories, couples are gravitating toward sustainable options while still throwing lavish parties, and with these 2022 wedding trends, the celebrations are stylish yet still timeless. Let this list of what’s new in wedding trends inspire you to plan out the perfect wedding day, from the wedding time capsule wording to different events to make the party last longer.

Relaxed Luxury (food trucks, dance parties…)

Modern couples aren’t so worried about the traditional formalities of weddings. Formal invitations are being replaced by personalized cards, wedding parties aren’t bound by gender, and reserved receptions have become all-night dance parties. While many of the latest wedding trends are still luxurious, couples aren’t feeling tied to traditions from generations of the past.

Earthy and Neutral Palettes 

While some couples prefer bold pops of colors, this year’s photos will be filled with earthy and neutral tones. Couples are finding that these palettes are suited to the whole wedding party and create a timeless look that won’t go out of style. From wedding invitations to table decor, these 2022 wedding trends for colors will keep your day cohesive with a simple beauty.

Destination Weddings

With travel resuming, one of the latest wedding trends will be destination weddings. Couples today have placed a higher value on experiences and travel, and for many of them, destination weddings are a way to bring everyone together. Heading to a sunny coastal destination with a variety of activities and tours to enjoy is one of the best destination wedding ideas.

Smaller Guest Lists

What’s new in wedding trends have been influenced by the past year, and after the Coronavirus pandemic, more couples are opting for smaller, intimate celebrations. With smaller guest lists, couples can splurge on late-night snacks, personalized neon signs, and additional florals. If you’re toying with destination wedding ideas, you’ll likely have a smaller wedding since some friends and family won’t be able to make the trip.

Multi-Day Celebrations

Couples are spreading their wedding celebrations out over the course of several days with events beyond the typical rehearsal, ceremony, and reception. They’re planning welcome parties for those who have to travel in for the wedding, and others are hosting a brunch the following day. Planning these sorts of events is one of the best destination wedding ideas to help you spend more time with your loved ones.

Rented Tuxes, Dresses, and Jewelry

Some of the latest wedding trends help couples host more sustainable celebrations, and for those who love luxury, renting outfits and fine jewelry for the big day will make their dreams come true without breaking the bank. They’ll be dressed to the nines, and afterwards, they won’t have to worry about storing outfits they’ll never use again.

Anniversary Receptions

One of the unique 2022 wedding trends that are specific to this year are anniversary receptions. Because the pandemic forced many couples to change their plans, weddings were held online or with just a few close loved ones present. Now, it’s time to throw the big party and recite vows surrounded by more friends and family.

Wedding Time Capsules

Couples have always wanted to preserve their wedding memories, and time capsules are a unique way to do this. While the wedding time capsule wording and ideas vary, it’s a way for couples to gather everything from invitations to advice written by guests, and on a specified future date, they’ll open them to relive the memories.

As you look at what’s new in wedding trends, choose ideas that resonate with your love story. With these trends, you’ll look back on your celebration and read the wedding time capsule wording while remembering all that love that made it so special.

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