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Nuevo Vallarta Weather - When is the Best Time to Visit?

DESTINATION | Published on 16/07/2021
Optimizada nuevo vallarta current local time and weather

Vacationing in Nuevo Vallarta means mornings spent walking along the shore and afternoons of splashing in the waves. The Nuevo Vallarta weather is filled with sunny days and warm tropical temperatures. However, the seasons do change throughout the year, giving travelers different options in terms of the best month to visit Nuevo Vallarta. Whether you’re looking for cooler weather or hot travel deals, this guide will help you find the best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta Mexico.

What is the Current Time in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico?

Current local time in
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

The current time in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico is in the Central Time Zone. Despite the other half of the state of Nayarit being in the Mountain Time Zone, Nuevo Vallarta and the rest of Riviera Nayarit is in the Central Time Zone to coordinate with the other popular tourist areas in the state of Jalisco, like Puerto Vallarta.

What is the Best Month to Visit Nuevo Vallarta?

There really isn’t a single month that stands out as the best, but the most popular are from November to April. These months tend to have the best Nuevo Vallarta weather for those looking to soak up the sun in comfort. While everyone has a different opinion regarding the best time to visit the destination, these tend to bring the biggest crowds.

Spring in Nuevo Vallarta

For families, spring break vacation is the best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. With a break from school, families from Mexico and the US come to soak up the sunshine and fresh air. While you won’t have the chilly mornings and evenings of winter, the heat and humidity of summer will still be around the corner. The weather forecast rain outlook is also very low, so you’ll have clear skies, perfect for days spent outside.

Nuevo Vallarta Weather in the Summer

When travelers try to guess what is the best month to visit Nuevo Vallarta, the high temperatures of summer often daunt first-time visitors. However, it’s the best time to visit Nuevo Vallarta Mexico if you’re wanting to score travel deals and enjoy uncrowded beaches. With fewer tourists, you’ll be able to spread out on the beach while saving money on tours and hotel stays. To cool off from the warm temperatures and humidity, take a dip in the pool or swim in the ocean. As the fall approaches, the weather forecast rain outlook will increase, breathing fresh life into the mountains and making the jungles verdant.

Weather Forecast for Fall in Nuevo Vallarta

What season does it rain the most in Nuevo Vallarta? Both the late summer and early fall. However, most of the rains and tropical storms blow in from the south, and being located in the northern half of the Bay of Banderas, the rainfall in Nuevo Vallarta is typically less heavy than in Puerto Vallarta. Because the weather forecast rain predictions typically fall in the afternoon, it’s easy to plan your outdoor activities around the evening showers. When the weather does keep you inside, relax in the spa, do a little shopping, or unwind with a good book.

Nuevo Vallarta Winter

When it comes to what is the best month to visit Nuevo Vallarta, most travelers prefer the winter season, and there are several reasons why. The Nuevo Vallarta weather cools down in November, and through February, you’ll likely want a light jacket in the mornings and evenings. When you look at what season it rains the most, you’ll see that there are several days with light rain at the beginning of the year. However, these seasonal rains are usually very mild and the weather is still warm enough to attract humpback whales from Arctic waters. Sailing out to spot these majestic creatures splashing and waving their tales is one of the most popular winter activities, and during this time, you’ll find a variety of exciting festivals and cultural events going on.

What Season Does it Rain the Most in Nuevo Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta, it rains the most during the summer and early fall. From mid-June to the end of October, you should be prepared for rain, although it almost always holds off until the later afternoon and evening and it doesn’t rain every day.

For first-time travelers, it’s important to find out what season it rains the most and what the current time is in Nuevo Vallarta Mexico. While it’s always a good time to jet off on a beach vacation, knowing some of these basic facts about the area will help you feel more comfortable and at home as you travel.

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