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Safety Tips for All Travelers

LIFESTYLE | Published on 07/11/2019
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Many people are enchanted by the idea of vacations filled with long walks on the beach and lazy afternoons with icy margaritas, but some people will stop to ask “Is it safe to travel to Mexico?” before they make any travel plans. While there are many safe places to travel in Mexico, knowing Mexico travel safety information will help you to avoid problems and to know what to do if a situation arises. Before jetting off to paradise, make sure you know these travel safety tips.

Research your Destination

Don’t make assumptions about your destination. Even if you’re heading to well-known safe places to travel in Mexico, checking with U.S. Travel Department will give you the latest on Mexico travel safety information. Knowing where the closest consulate is and how to contact authorities in your destination will have you prepared to keep your cool in any situation.

Know how to Speak the Language

Spanish is commonly spoken throughout North America, and knowing some key Spanish phrases is one of the top travel safety tips. Not understanding the local language is often why people ask “Is Mexico safe?” Before leaving home, learn basic phrases and know how to ask for directions and for help.

Have Emergency Information Ready

Being prepared for any sort of accident by having emergency information ready is one of the easiest Mexico travel tips to follow. Add your doctor’s number and insurance information into your phone. Carry copies of your passport with you, and know the directions to your hotel. To help kids with safe travel, help them memorize what numbers to call in an emergency. If anyone in your family has vital medical needs, consider purchasing an ID bracelet with their information on it.

Blend in with your Surroundings

If you’re wondering “Is Mexico safe?”, one of the best travel safety tips is to blend in with your surroundings. While you’ll likely always stand out in another culture, avoid wearing flashy jewelry or counting out large amounts of money. Instead of shouting in the streets and taking lots of touristy shots, try to blend in with those walking by. Even in safe places to travel in Mexico, you’ll feel more confident if you blend in with those around you.

Travel Safely

Trusted transportation is the key to safe travel. In front of most major resorts and in the tourist zones, you’ll find officially marked taxis. If you’re questioning “Is it safe to travel in Mexico?”, writing down the taxi’s license number before you get in can help you feel confident as you ride. Uber is also growing in popularity around the world, and having your driver and ride recorded makes it one of the most trustworthy forms of safe travel. 

Keep your Belongings Safe

Is it safe to travel in Mexico often depends on using common sense. Most resorts have in-suite safes where you can store passports, credit cards, and jewelry as you explore the city. Carrying your phone and cash in a cross-body purse with a zipper or a wallet in your front pocket help protect you from theft. These Mexico travel tips will help you avoid many problems.

While reading this Mexico travel safety information is helpful, putting it into practice is what will put you at ease during your vacation. As you apply these Mexico travel tips, you’ll be able to kick back and relax with your toes in the sand. The next time someone asks you “Is Mexico safe?”, you’ll be able to say “Yes!”

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