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10 Signs You Need a Vacation

LIFESTYLE | Published on 21/08/2019
Optimizada benefits of a family vacation

Some people are ready to travel at the drop of a hat, but you might be one of the millions that struggle to take time off and get out of town. Why take a vacation? There’s work to do and a checklist sitting next to you, but if you’re paying attention to your job, family, and health, there are certain signs you’ll notice that indicate you need a vacation in order to be more focused, relaxed, and happy.

1. You Feel Negative Most Days

Everyone has dark days, but when you start to consistently dread each day, it may be time to reset your thoughts and enjoy the healing benefits of going to the beach. While it won’t cure clinical depression, the peace of being surrounded by nature and the opportunity to stroll along the shore can release endorphins into the brain to make you feel happier. There are numerous health benefits of going to the beach, and a renewed sense of energy is just one of them. 

2. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Played with Your Kids

It’s easy to put providing for your family by working and cooking ahead of playtime, but the little moments spent building sandcastles and enjoying long family meals are what matters most. One of the benefits of a family vacation is spending all day together creating memories and sitting down together to try new foods, letting conversation flow long into the night.

3. You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

One of the surprising benefits of vacation is that it can be a tool to help reset your internal clock for improved sleep. During your trip, you can work on establishing a nightly routine, and without a care in the world, you’ll likely stay asleep all night. If you take advantage of being able to go to bed early and wake up with the sunrise, being able to get a full night’s rest is one of the best reasons to go to the beach.

4. You’re Physically Sore All the Time

Even if you feel like laying down all day, one of the benefits of going to the beach is the restorative exercise you can do while having fun. Walking on the sand and swimming in the sea are easier on your joints than running or weight lifting, one of the main health benefits of the ocean. 

5. You Haven’t Been Out With Your Partner in a While

There are also plenty of romantic reasons to go to the beach. The seabreeze and sunsets inspire love, and on vacation, you’ll find time to connect with your partner and go on intimate dates to new restaurants or on exciting adventures.

6. You’re Relying on Unhealthy Coping Techniques

Feeling stressed and sore can turn people towards unhealthy coping techniques, like alcohol abuse or even staying too late at the office. Getting away from your daily life can help you reestablish a healthy balance. While this is one of the benefits of vacation, serious addiction may require help and counseling. 

7. You’ve Made Work your Life

If you’ve become a permanent fixture in your office, it’s time to get away. Hop on a plane instead of asking “Why take a vacation when I could get ahead on the next project?” One of the benefits of vacation is that you can turn your phone off and spend time doing the things you love with your family. There’s more to you than your job, and one of the benefits of a family vacation is remembering who you are away from work.

8. You’re Jealous Whenever Someone Mentions Traveling

If you’ve been anxious to experience the benefits of going to the beach and you get jealous when you see friends’ photos on the shore, it’s time to invest in yourself and family by getting away. Satisfying that itch to travel will let you return relaxed and focused, one of the most productive health benefits of the ocean.

9. You Haven’t had Time for your Favorite Hobbies

One of the benefits of a family vacation is the chance to play. Whether it’s golfing or riding a bike, traveling with your family gives you time to feel like a kid again, spending time doing what you love.

10. You’re Human

The health benefits of the ocean are physical and spiritual, which is what we as humans are. We need to care for our bodies and minds, making getting away to the sea more than just an indulgence. We shouldn’t struggle to answer “why take a vacation?” We should embrace the opportunities to relax and experience all the reasons to go to the beach for ourselves.

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