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Revalidation of International Quality Certificates with Preverisk

NEWS | Published on 03/05/2023
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For over a decade, The Villa Group and Preverisk have been working hand in hand to deliver the highest standards of hospitality. Their collaboration, spanning 13 years, has been centered around maintaining an uncompromising stance on safety, hygiene, and overall guest experience.

A significant milestone in their longstanding partnership is the recent revalidation of The Villa Group’s international quality certificates. This revalidation is a testament to the group’s continuous commitment to prioritizing guest safety and quality service.

The Villa Group's Unseen Efforts in Upholding Safety Certifications

The Villa Group is a renowned name in the hospitality industry, known for its idyllic resorts that promise guests an unparalleled vacation experience. However, behind the scenes, it's the group's untiring efforts in upholding safety certifications that ensure every visit is as safe as it is memorable.

The revalidation process, conducted by Preverisk, examined several aspects of The Villa Group's operations. This included the water treatment for pool service, documentation and management, food handling, infrastructure, and everything related to hygiene and cleanliness.

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A-Pillar of Trust in Upholding Safety Standards through Rigorous Certifications

Preverisk, a global leader in health and safety risk management, has been instrumental in helping The Villa Group maintain its high standards. Their rigorous evaluation and revalidation process of safety certificates provide an additional layer of trust for guests and stakeholders alike.

The revalidation of the safety certifications reaffirms The Villa Group's adherence to international safety standards. It indicates that the group is not just committed to delivering a luxurious experience but is equally focused on ensuring that the highest levels of hygiene and safety are maintained at all times.

The Villa Group's collaboration with Preverisk isn't just about ticking boxes on a checklist; it's about creating a safer, more enjoyable environment for guests.

The meticulous inspection of their water treatment processes ensures that guests can enjoy their time at the pool without any concerns. The detailed review of their food handling processes guarantees that every meal served is not just delicious, but also safe and hygienic.

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How did they do this?

The infrastructure of The Villa Group's resorts also went under the microscope during the revalidation process. This comprehensive evaluation ensured that every corner of their properties, from the lobbies to the guest rooms, met the stringent standards set by Preverisk.

Preverisk's revalidation process is not just about maintaining the status quo. It is about constant improvement and risk management, helping The Villa Group evolve and upgrade its practices with the changing times and needs.

The benefits of this revalidation process are manifold. It not only strengthens The Villa Group's reputation for safety but also serves as a reassurance to guests that their well-being is the top priority.

Every safety certificate that is revalidated serves as a pledge to the guests that their vacation experience will be secure, hygienic, and high-quality.

In a world where safety and hygiene have taken center stage, the revalidation of The Villa Group's safety certifications stands as a significant achievement. It solidifies the group's place as a leader in the hospitality industry, committed to providing an experience that is as safe as it is luxurious.

The Villa Group's collaboration with Preverisk is a shining example of its commitment to maintaining high standards. Their continuous efforts towards risk management and upholding safety certificates ensure that guests can always expect a top-notch experience at their resorts.

The revalidation of their international quality certificates is more than just a process; it's a testament to their unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and guest satisfaction.

With Preverisk by their side, The Villa Group continues to set the bar high in the realm of hospitality, promising guests an experience that is truly world-class.

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