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Ways to Save on Your Wedding

WEDDINGS | Published on 03/01/2020
Optimizada save on your wedding

Weddings should be about celebrating love and commitment, not worrying about how much you’ve spent and going into debt. Without skimping on any of the elegance and beauty of a traditional ceremony, there are several smart tips for how to budget for a wedding that will keep you from stressing about the big day. If you use these tips for how to save money on a wedding, you may even be surprised to find that a destination wedding budget is right for you. As you create a wedding budget planner, keep these ways to save on your wedding in mind.

Create (and Stick to) a Budget

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to save for a wedding or for any occasion, creating a budget is the first step, but sticking to it is what makes the difference. First, decide with your partner how much you’re comfortable putting into your wedding budget planner. After identifying all the expenses you’ll have, prioritize which ones are most important to you. Knowing that you would prefer to spend more on creating a dazzling menu than on hiring a live band helps you personalize your wedding budget planner for your dream day. 

Get Crafty and DIY

There are a million ideas for how to save for a wedding by DIY-ing almost any part of a wedding or reception, and for the areas you aren’t planning on spending as much of your budget, DIY options help you create something personal and creative. Create your own decorations or bouquets for the ceremony, or build your own playlist or photo booth for the reception. One of the best tips for how to save money on a wedding is to ask family and friends who have a flair of creativity to lend a hand as their gift to you and your partner.

Book a Unique Time and Place

A little-known tip for how to budget for a wedding is to choose a nontraditional time of the week or year for a wedding. By booking your big day on a Friday night or during the spring or fall, you can celebrate your love and commitment in an elegant ballroom or banquet hall for the price of low budget wedding venues. You can also find more options for low budget wedding venues by scouting out nontraditional spots. Historic courthouses and libraries have timeless elegance, and permits can be obtained for public parks in most counties. Using low budget wedding venues for both the ceremony and reception gives brides and grooms more room in their budget to splurge in other areas.

Explore a Destination Wedding Budget

It may surprise most brides that a destination wedding budget is an affordable option. Jetting off to a tropical destination isn’t just a fantasy. With a range of package options and a variety of all-inclusive resorts to choose from, you could be saying “I do” on the beaches of Mexico. Most resorts will give you special pricing based on the number of guests who will be staying at the resort, and booking your ceremony during the offseason will make the savings add up. For those looking for how to save for a wedding without doing something ordinary, a destination wedding at an all-inclusive resort is the way to go. 

How to budget for a wedding is a process all couples have to figure out. While it may not be the most exciting part of getting married, spending an amount of money your comfortable with will keep you from getting stressed about the big day. With these simple tips for how to save money on a wedding, you may even find a little extra in your budget to splurge on what’s most important to you and your partner.

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