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Mexican Sweet Bread Recipes

DINING | Published on 03/04/2020
Optimizada mexican sweet bread recipe

From the resort cities on the coast to the pueblos in the mountains, every city in Mexico has a panaderia, a Mexican bakery,that fills the streets with the warm smells of rising bread and sweet pastries. Here, you can find all types of Mexican bread including pan dulces, Mexican sweet bread. However, this isn’t the only place you can enjoy the light, sweet texture of conchas and the crisp flakiness of orejitas. With an easy sweet bread recipe, you can whip up some homemade sweet bread in your own kitchen to enjoy with your morning coffee or a cup of tea before bed.


Conchas are one of the most popular types of Mexican bread with their playful appearance. Conchas, the Spanish word for shells, truly look like they’ve washed up on the golden shores of Mexico with their swirled topping. However, this Mexican sweet bread is anything but salty. While the lightly sweetened dough for the conchas Mexican bread rises, mix up a second dough to form into the shell-like topping. Before putting the conchasMexican bread into the oven, cover each roll with the topping. Working with yeast and making two doughs isn’t an easy sweet bread recipe, but if you have a little extra time on the weekend, you’ll be able to fill your home with the smell of fresh conchasMexican bread. 


If you’re browsing treats in a Mexican bakery, it’s easy to spot the marranitas. This golden Mexican sweet bread is traditionally shaped as a pig. However, you don’t necessarily need a piggie cookie cutter for this easy sweet bread recipe. As you’re learning how to make Mexican sweet bread, this is an easy one to start with. The key ingredients for marranitas are molasses, dark brown sugar, and ginger. Like a sugar cookie or gingerbread, you’ll combine the wet and dry ingredients before rolling the dough out to cut. If you don’t have a pig cookie cutter, you can shape this homemade sweet bread however you want.


When it comes to how to make Mexican sweet bread, puff pastry is a common base, and orejitas are a simple but sweet treat, perfect with coffee or tea. For this Mexican dessert bread, you’ll layer sugar with a little salt between layers of puff pastry and then twist the dough into a crescent swirl. Thinly slice the dough for this homemade sweet bread before baking in the oven until they’re golden. If you’re familiar with puff pastry, this Mexican sweet bread recipe is easy to follow, and you’ll soon be enjoying Mexican dessert bread with a cup of warm herbal tea.


While you’re more likely to find churros at a street vendor’s cart than in a Mexican bakery, you can easily follow a Mexican sweet bread recipe to make churros and dipping chocolate in your own kitchen. The dough is made in a pot over low heat and then piped into long strands. If you don’t have any piping tips, simply hand roll the dough before frying it up. When they’re crispy and golden, remove the churros from the oil and coat in cinnamon sugar. To enjoy one of the most famous types of Mexican bread, you can also melt a few ingredients together for a rich dipping chocolate.

Once you’ve learned how to make Mexican sweet bread, you’ll be able to fill your home with the smell of rising dough and warm sugar. Each of these Mexican dessert breads is perfect with a morning coffee, afternoon tea, or bedtime cup of milk. Whether you’re enjoying them by yourself or entertaining family and friends, having a unique treat is extra savory.

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