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5 Vacation Mistakes You'll Never Make Again

LIFESTYLE | Published on 28/08/2019
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While many websites and blogs will give you excellent vacation ideas for what to do, they may not tell you what you shouldn’t do if you want to avoid common travel mistakes. Even experienced jet-setters need reminders and airport travel tips to avoid headaches and make the most of their journey. Knowing these expert travel tips for the do's and don’ts will help you avoid the biggest travel problems


If you make one of the common travel mistakes, you’ll be overpacked and end up coming home with clean clothes and unused toiletries. Whether you’re packing for a weekend or a month, it’s tempting to pack too many options, but preparing a list of essentials is one of the best travel tips packing needs. Guided by this list tailored to your specific plans, you’ll have everything you need, leaving your bag lighter and more organized with room to bring back souvenirs and treasures.


You won’t find travel tips packing every tour and sightseeing opportunity into a single day. It’s tempting to be on the go all day long, bouncing from tour to tour, but one of the best travel suggestions is to limit the number of excursions and outings you plan for each day. Instead, schedule in time to relax, and leave days open to spontaneity when you may discover a hidden gem. Overbooking is one of the biggest travel problems because it leaves you exhausted and needing a vacation from your vacation.

Forgetting to do Research

If you don’t research your destination ahead of time, you’re missing out on travel suggestions for the top restaurants and the best values for tours. The vacation ideas you should research range from tipping customs to airport travel tips for your destination. With the number of travel blogs and local government websites available today, gathering travel suggestions for you vacation is quick and easy. With a few clicks, you can find airport travel tips and money-saving advice that will help you explore the world like a pro.

Staying Plugged In

One of the biggest travel problems doesn’t just happen when you’re on vacation. We can stay plugged into work and social media too often in our daily lives, and constantly being connected to your phone is one of the common travel mistakes that can really affect your time. Disconnecting and putting your phone away brings you into the present moment so that you can truly relax and take in all the details of your adventures. The work emails and social media updates will be there when you get back, but the chances to splash in the waves with your kids or walk hand-in-hand through foreign streets with your partner aren’t. 

Neglecting Your Health

Even when you’re celebrating on vacation, many expert travel tips will remind you to take care of your health while traveling. As you are surrounded by people and in a new environment, your immune system can become overwhelmed. If you only give your body greasy foods and sugary drinks, you’ll start to feel run down and exhausted on what should be an energizing trip. A couple of healthy vacation ideas are to enjoy outdoor activities that get your body moving, eat a variety of local fruits and vegetables, and stay hydrated all day long

For travel tips packing wisdom into your trip, turn to these pieces of advice to avoid common mistakes. Whether it’s your first international vacation or just another trip to visit family, everyone overpacks or neglects their health at some point. If you let these expert travel tips guide your vacation, they can save you from falling into the common mistakes too many travelers run into. 

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