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Reasons to Get a Facial

WELLNESS | Published on 03/04/2019
Optimizada facial treatment

If you’re seeking clearer, healthier skin, a spa facial is the perfect place to start. As facial treatment benefits become more well known, facials are no longer being considered an overly indulgent treatment for high maintenance individuals. Modern wellness experts recognize that there are many health reasons to get a facial, including a number physical and mental facial benefits. While home DIY treatments and facial brush benefits are similar, the perks of a professional spa treatment are stronger and penetrate deeper. Because there are countless facial types and benefits, a spa clinician or dermatologist may be able to recommend the best treatment for your skin type. Until you can get in to see a spa professional, here are some of the common reasons to get a facial.

Clear Your Pore

Sweat, oil, and makeup easily builds up on your face every day, and most facials include exfoliation that gives your skin a deep cleanse. Microdermabrasion facial benefits come from a specialty treatment that gently removes the dead, top layer of skin. This is great for clearing up acne, minimizing pores, clearing out blackheads, and evening out skin tone. A deep cleanse for your pores keeps skin healthy and bacteria away, one of the best reasons to get a facial.

Receive Professional Strength Treatment

The creams and gels at a spa are clinically stronger than what you can buy at the store and will give you deeper facial treatment benefits that last longer. Expert clinicians can also judge which products and quantities will treat your skin the best depending on the different facial types and benefits you’re looking for. At home, facial brush benefits are similar, but a clinical facial can penetrate deeper.

Have Healthy Hydration

While some facial types and benefits focus on hydration, most treatments include some form of lotion and hydration at the conclusion. One of the microdermabrasion facial benefits is that the dead skin is gone, so your spa clinician will make sure to hydrate the freshly revealed skin. While some people may fear that lotions will make their skin oily, spa clinicians can recommend the right creams for you. Skin that isn’t hydrated tends to overcompensate and produce more natural oils than it needs.

Spot Skin Cancer Early

One of the facial treatment benefits you can’t get at home is early skin cancer detection. Especially when you see a clinician regularly, they can track changes in your skin and spot the warning signs early. The quicker you catch skin cancer, the easier it can be to treat. At home, you may not notice little changes or spots, but a trained dermatologist can, making this one of the best reasons to get a facial.

Melt Stress Away

While most people think of the physical microdermabrasion facial benefits, there are also mental benefits to receiving a spa facial. During the treatment, relax with a head, face, and shoulder massage that will likely be included to help circulate blood. This added touch will melt the stress away as you lay in the calm tranquility of the spa. The facial brush benefits you can recieve at home aren’t as mentally soothing as the benefits of having a spa facial.

With these reasons to get a facial, these treatments are clearly some of the most important services at a spa. Having clear and healthy skin will give you confidence and keep you looking young. When you add up all these facial treatment benefits, you’ll be adding facials to your regular beauty routine.

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