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Amazing Mexican Food You Should Try

DINING | Published on 07/11/2018
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A Nuevo Vallarta vacation is the perfect time to sink your teeth into truly authentic Mexican food. Here, you can enjoy the range of gastronomy in Mexico, from a wide variety of tacos to homemade dishes. The region that includes Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta has a reputation for providing access to gourmet dining, delicious eateries, and even a series of culinary events so that everyone can revel in the splendor of authentic Mexican cuisine and international food during their visit. In addition to the flavorful Mexican dishes many around the world have come to know and love, being on the coast provides for a wealth of platters that utilize the freshest seafood. Together, the exquisite combination of authentic Mexican food and seafood dishes available in Riviera Nayarit and Puerto Vallarta makes for some of the best Mexican dishes to try on your Mexico vacations. 

Ceviche de Camaron.

Ceviche is at the heart of coastal gastronomy in Mexico, made by curing freshly caught seafood in lime juice, and it’s a unique food to try in Mexico. Ceviche de camaron is shrimp that has been soaked in citrus juices and is served with tomatoes, onion, and cilantro, piled high on crunchy tostadas. If you go out to eat and drink in Mexico at any seafood restaurant, you can try this popular Mexican food for a delicious Riviera Nayarit dining experience.

Carne en su Jugo

This is one of the best Mexican dishes and it is extremely popular in the state of Jalisco. It’s a very authentic dish that isn’t commonly served outside of the country, making it a tasty food to try in Mexico while you’re here. To make it, strips of beef are cooked in a stew of green salsa with beans and bacon, a rich and flavorful combination and one of the tastiest Mexican foods you should try. As you savor it, you’ll be enjoying one of the best Mexican dishes that locals grew up eating in their grandmas’ kitchens.

Pescado Zarandeado

It’s hard to go out to eat and drink in Mexico along the coast and not order fresh fish from the grill. After spending a day on the soft shores, it’s hard to resist the sizzling smells of pescado zarandeado, a popular Mexican food in Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Grilling pescado zarandeado begins by splitting the fish open and marinating it all in a chile and garlic based paste. It’s then grilled between two racks before being topped with more sauce and served hot. If you go out fishing during the day, you can even bring your own fish to many restaurants to have prepared for you, which is likely to be the most memorable and special food to try in Mexico.


While everyone is familiar with tacos, use your vacation to try a broader variety of authentic Mexican food and order sopes. The base of any sope is a thick corn tortilla, almost like a small piece of bread, on which beans are spread. It’s then topped with salsas, meat, cheese, sour cream, and cilantro. Despite its simple ingredients, sopes are very traditional and considered the best Mexican food by many locals. Trying sopes will broaden your knowledge of Mexican food beyond the standard options and it is a delicious option at any restaurant.

Tacos al Pastor

Locals and international guests rave about what they consider to be the best Mexican food: tacos al pastor. After marinating all day in tangy sauces, pork meat is piled onto a skewer and slowly rotated around an open flame. As the pork is prepared, chefs will slice the sizzling meat onto the tortilla and shave off a piece of pineapple from the top of the skewer for a sweet and savory combination. Tacos al pastor can be topped with a variety of fresh salsas, lime, vegetables, and cheese, all combinations that make it one of the Mexican foods you should try when you visit.


Whether you choose a little local eatery or an upscale dining room, flan will probably be on the dessert menu. This custard dessert is a sweet accompaniment to all the spices of the best Mexican food. Topped with a caramel sauce, it’ll happily satisfy any sweet tooth.

From sweet desserts to spicy stews, the gastronomy in Mexico has an array of flavors that extend beyond what’s offered in many Mexican restaurants around the world. With all the choices, going out to eat and drink in Mexico can be an educational experience as you relish the brilliant combinations of ingredients and seasonings in these Mexican foods you should try on your next Riviera Nayarit vacation.

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