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Are the Marietas Islands Hidden Beach Open?

NEWS | Published on 01/11/2021
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Sailing out to the famous Marieta Islands Hidden Beach is one of the best things to do near Puerto Vallarta, and with their unique formations and history, there are so many things to learn on a Marietas Islands tour. To visit them and try some Marietas Islands snorkeling and scuba diving, there are several options ranging from small private boats to large popular tours. No matter how you get here, learning about and supporting the local conservation efforts will enrich your vacation experience.

What are the Marietas Islands?

These islands are located at the northernmost tip of the Bay of Banderas, and their large, flat rocky islands are covered in small shrubs and are a home to a variety of unique creatures. Their most famous inhabitants are the blue footed booby birds. Underneath the water’s surface, damselfish, angel fish, and other tropical species swim. If you’re lucky, you’ll also spot some rays and sea turtles while enjoying Marietas Islands snorkeling and scuba diving. As you sail around the islands, your Marietas Islands tour guide will point out features that create shapes, like the face of an old woman and the head of a lion. There are also crevices and caves, and one of them creates a blowhole effect as the waves swell through it. Due to conservation efforts, no one can walk on the island, but there are some beaches open to the public.

Where are the Marietas Islands

If you look on a map at where the Marietas Islands are, you’ll see they’re just off the tip of Punta de Mita at the north end of the Bay of Banderas. They’re about five miles off the coast, so you’ll need to travel by boat to explore the islands.

The Marieta Islands Hidden Beach

The Marieta Islands Hidden Beach is the most iconic feature that attracts travelers from around the world. Like the rest of the islands, the cave was shaped over hundreds of years by the winds and waves. However, as the Mexican military was doing target practice with bombs, a hole was created over this large cave, opening it to sunlight and revealing a gorgeous beach. However, figuring out how to get to Marietas Islands Hidden Beach is a little tricky, requiring visitors to swim underneath a low arch in the rocks into the large sunlit cave.

Is Hidden Beach Marietas Island Open

Walking along the hidden beach is one of the best things to do near Puerto Vallarta, but because of its increasing popularity, the federal government has limited the number of visitors permitted on the beach each day. To find out if the Hidden Beach Marietas Island is open, you’ll need to check with a registered tour provider. This unique experience books up early, so be sure to make your plans before you leave on vacation and keep in mind that access to the beach is limited, meaning you’ll only get to spend a short amount of time on the island before continuing on with the rest of your tour. Access is also dependent on the tides, if the tide is high, access through the tunnel becomes blocked and no one is allowed through.

How to Get to Marietas Islands

If you look at where the Marieta Islands are, they may seem far from your hotel, but because exploring the islands and swimming around them are the best things to do in Riviera Nayarit, there’s several Marietas Islands tour options, including many that start in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta. From here, you’ll sail out to the islands, and many tours provide you with equipment for Marietas Islands snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking excursions. To see all the tropical marine life up close, book a scuba diving trip, or for a quick simple trip, you can hire a small boat on the Punta de Mita beach to take you out around the islands. If you book your trip in advance, your tour guide will be able to answer “Is Hidden Beach Marietas Island open?” and help you book the chance to walk along this iconic beach.

Even if you don’t get the chance to walk on the Marieta Islands Hidden Beach, there’s still plenty of interesting features and wildlife to experience when you visit the islands. With so many options for how to get to Marietas Islands, you’ll be able to book the right adventure for your vacation.

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